“I consider Thysse a partner in my business”
Thysse is second to none!  Thysse offers a no-nonsense approach to customer service, meets deadlines to most any project and offers no excuses throughout the process, only solutions, while providing top-notch quality. I have had nothing but positive experiences the last three years working with Thysse and truly consider them a partner in my business.
– Adam Johnson, Global Web Administrator & USA Marketing Support at Semex


Pronounced (tie • see)
Third generation, family-owned company
Founded in 1941

Thysse is grounded in innovative thought, exceptional design and the physical production of ideas. We create paths for clients to creatively and effectively develop, deploy and promote their brand.


Jason Thysse

Jason comes from a long line of Madison printers. His Dad was a printer, his Dad‘s Dad was a printer, his Dad’s Dad’s Dad … well, you get the point. His blood type is B Process. His eye color ranges from Cyan to Magenta to Yellow to Black and he lists his height at 35 1/2 reams. Jason is the only person we know who brings his kids into the print shop to have them UV coated before heading to the beach.

General Manager

Dean Bott

Here at the Thysse House, Dean Bott is in charge of making sure our grade point averages are at acceptable levels. Shout! A little bit louder now. He ensures our attendance is satisfactory. Shout! A little bit louder now. And at the monthly toga parties, he reminds us to keep our shouts just a little bit softer now. Shout! A little bit softer now. As every Thysse pledge knows, if you don’t behave and work hard, Dean Bott will put you on double secret probation.

When he’s not occupying the Dean’s chair, Dean enjoys building “Dean’s Chairs” — a line of new rustic furniture and up-cycled old furniture handcrafted in his backyard woodshop.

Dean also enjoys spending time with his family and is passionate about preserving wildlife … preserving wildlife in his backyard Animal House. Shout! A little bit louder now.

Director of Operations

Nick Brevik


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951 x 105

Director of Specialty Graphics

Jim Hagen

Director of Human Resources

Dawn Koopman


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951 x 183

Large Format Production Manager

Scott Reed

The Scott Reed before children enjoyed hiking, camping and canoeing the Boundary Waters, designing and building things, cooking, drawing, painting, biking and even brewing his own beer. The Scott Reed after children remembers what it was like hiking, camping and canoeing the Boundary Waters, designing and building things, cooking, drawing, painting, biking and even brewing his own beer.

All kidding aside, Scott loves spending time with his wife and two sons, and even though some of his creative outside-the-box thinking has been replaced with inside the sandbox sifting, he still looks at the world with a creative eye. And it’s this ability to maintain creative energy while managing the chaos of a young family that makes Scott the perfect guy to manage Thysse’s Large Format Printing production.


Beth Hamacher

They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, but some get more fame than others. It was 2005 — ESPN 3 — immediately following the National Spelling Bee Finals. Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former flip cup amateur leads her team to the National Championship. What followed was a life of leisure, sailing the open seas, drinking boat drinks and singing Jimmy Buffett songs. It turns out, the bamboo umbrellas they put in those drinks start to get a little annoying and there are only a limited number of Jimmy Buffett songs you can sing by heart. So Beth left the life of a flip cup champion somewhere south of Margaritaville and made her way back to Wisconsin. She is now sales consulting with the best of them here at Thysse, but still searching for her lost shaker of salt.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951 Ext. 166

Cell Phone: (608) 220-3055

Promotional Products Specialist

Tina Mowery

With Tina Mowery, it’s always a good morning or a good afternoon here at Thysse. At 9 a.m., it’s “Good morning, thank you for calling Thysse.” At 12:00 noon, it’s “Good afternoon, thank you for calling Thysse.” At 11:30 a.m., it’s kind of a gray area and depends more on what kind of night Tina had the night before.

Besides greeting our customers and directing your calls, Tina is a master of logo design placement. She can print logos on pens, embroider logos on caps and laser etch logos on glass. She can do anything and has done just about everything. Except skywriting. She is still waiting for her first skywriting request. So, if you want to see your logo design written in the clouds, give Tina a call. But call at 11:30 a.m. — just to see what she says.


Scott Bockover

What can you say about Scott that he hasn’t already said? Seriously, Scott likes to talk. Scott likes to talk a lot. He was born with the gift of gab and lives off of an endowed gab trust fund. Small talk, chit chat, idle conversation…Scott is a master of them all. With over 30 years of experience in the printing services industry, Scott is considered a master of all things print-related. He can identify a color of ink just by the smell and he once turned a ream of 80# stock into two 40# reams using only an exacto knife. He also claims to have once sported a giant afro. We’re still waiting for the pics.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951 Ext. 121

Cell Phone:(608) 444-1379

Print Production Specialist

Kim Berger

Kim started down the path to certain fame and fortune over 20 years ago when she began her career as a designer. She now uses that expertise and experience to counsel clients and console graphic designers. Kim never passes up shoes on sale or shoes for sale and currently has a collection that rivals Imelda Marcos. Heels, pumps, wedges, mules, loafers, clogs … these are terms she often uses around the office. We’re not sure if she’s talking about her collection or her coworkers.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951


Angie Biermeier

Angie has over 15 years of graphic design experience. She‘s your go-to for newsletters, logos and brochure design…anything and everything that requires a creative eye. Her portfolio is impressive — but not as impressive as her Donnie and Marie memorabilia collection. Lunch boxes, coloring books, dolls, signed t-shirts and glossy 8x10s. If it has an Osmond on it, it’s fair game.

Customer Service

Shawn Christoph

When asked about any hidden talents, Shawn replied simply, “Rhubarb.” Shawn claims he can make anything out of rhubarb — pies, muffins, bars, bread, pancakes, smoothies. He even produces a fermented rhubarb beverage called Brewbarb. Described as a seasonal craft beer, Brewbarb is available in your finer hardware and home improvement stores — anywhere paint thinners are sold.

Large Format Project Manager

Carrie Dainty

Carrie lists her dream vacation as “an island with an endless supply of margarita fixings, sunscreen and LOTS of peace and quiet,” which makes her perfectly suited for Thysse’s Large Format printing department — minus the margarita fixings of course. And the peace and quiet. And there’s not really any sunscreen back there … When not living her real-life dream vacation here at Thysse, Carrie spends time with her husband and 2-year old son, playing with Matchbox cars and building towers and then knocking them down. Which doesn’t necessarily make her perfectly suited for Thysse’s Large Format Printing department, but who cares? She has Matchbox cars!


JJ Giese

JJ Giese (pronounced JJ) has been involved in the print services industry for over 20 years. With formal education in commercial print, web development and social media, and a recent degree in marketing, JJ enjoys the interactivity of print and proving the effectiveness of its place in the marketing mix. He refers to his boy/girl twins as his “personal A/B test.” When JJ is not coordinating his clients’ marketing initiatives, or spending time with his wife and three small children, you’ll probably find him on a golf course or volleyball court.

Email: jj@thysse.com

Office Phone:(608) 249-6951 Ext. 120

Cell Phone:(608) 225-0429

Systems Manager

Eric Hallingstad

Eric estimates he’s been in the printing industry since about Monday, October 16, 1995 at roughly 8:12 am. You know, give or take a minute here or there. Eric is pretty serious about his estimates. In his 20+ years in the industry, Eric has worn many hats… digital outputter, filmmaker, proofer, fedora, stocking, fez, beanie and even a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo. He now helps Thysse institute Standard Operating Procedures. His program “STOP means GO,” while initially creating mass confusion, has really increased efficiency in the print shop.


Kris Marconnet

Kris has a long history of creative expression and a passion for lawn mowing. Her backyard rivals most Major League ballparks in the intricacy of alternative rows, patterns, and designs. Her plaid lawn, based upon the Scottish “Royal Stewart” Tartan is perhaps her most important and groundbreaking work. This has been widely discussed, debated and accepted amongst the lawn critics in her neighborhood. Unfortunately, her most controversial lawn work, titled “Reclining Nude Eating Grapes,” was not as widely accepted by the lawn critics. Kris now lives in a new neighborhood and has been asked by the authorities to curtail her lawn mowing activities. So she now creatively expresses herself here at Thysse.

Signs & Graphics Resource

Emma Lyons

Emma has over 20 years of experience in the printing industry and over 15 years of experience in Large Format printing. Yes, being 27 years old means that she started out at age 7. She‘s seen it all, and she’s printed it all. When away from work, Emma spends her time reading her favorite Large Format Printing industry rags… Large Format Quarterly, Big Prints Illustrated and Bigger Faster Printing.

Customer Service

DG Koehler

The first line of DG’s resume proudly stated, “Graduated in the top 10 of my high school class.” Months later, we would find out his high school class only had 15 people. No matter…it turns out DG is Darn Good at what he does. And Darn Good’s been doing it for over 20 years. DG enjoys the challenging jobs that require unique solutions. His proudest achievement was a print campaign for a camouflage hunting-wear company. The campaign was so well executed, no one ever saw it. We hear it was pretty spectacular though.

Customer Service Manager

Kris Holden

A long time Thysse fan, Kris has taken working here off her personal bucket list. Next on the bucket list, making the USA Olympic Foosball Team with full sponsorship from our company. Until they add it to the games, she will continue to take excellent care of all of our print and design services clients. Go Kris!


Delia Markham

Delia has been FIFTEEN! counting beans for over 20 years. Kidney beans TWENTY-THREE!, Lima beans, navy beans… really, any type of NINETY-SIX! bean will do. Delia’s favorite song ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX! is “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and her favorite FORTY-TWO! movie is “101 Dalmatians,” although she claims SEVENTEEN! in several scenes, there are actually103 Dalmatians. Disney has not yet replied to her letters. THIRTY-NINE! Delia always has a smile on her face, except ONE THOUSAND SIXTY-THREE! when you shout out random numbers while she’s counting. NINE! She really hates that.

Customer Service

Jennifer Wilhelmsen

Jennifer began her printing and design career over 20 years ago working part-time as a printer while in college for Commercial Art. She prides herself in guiding customers through the most confusing jobs. Jennifer will point you in the right direction when you don’t know which way to turn — which works really well here at Thysse, but it does make her the least fun person at a piñata party. Jennifer’s elbows are double jointed. But don’t ask her to show you. It will freak you out.

Facilities Manager

John Howe

If Thysse is the Emerald City, John is the Great Oz – making the plant run smoothly from behind the big red curtain. Actually, his work bench is behind a clear plastic anti-dust shop curtain, but it does have some red ink on it. If you are looking for someone to give you a heart or a brain or some courage, John may not be your guy. But, he can get you an oil can – and it turns out, we had the power to get ourselves home all along. Except that one time when the truck broke down and we got a ride from John. When not on the Thysse side of the rainbow, John likes to spend time with his family and will occasionally pick up the sax that he used to play in his college rock band.

Customer Service

Brian Patrick

Brian is a bit of a legend in the printing industry. With over 30 years of experience in just about all areas of printing and customer service, Brian can pretty much run the entire show. In fact, Brian has come to be known as simply “BigShow.” And while BigShow is an incomparable talent, he does have one flaw. He is an admitted football junkie. Coaching, playing, or watching … whatever it takes to get his fix. BigShow has been known to start out weekly production meetings in the three-point stance. And while we do feel better prepared, none of us are too excited about his two-a-days meeting schedules. In the off-season, Brian likes to spend time at his cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods, where he only turns on the lights on Friday nights.

Print Specialist

Gregg Schepp

Gregg has been involved with printing for almost 45 years. The extra “g” in Gregg actually stands for “Golly That’s a Long Time” and was officially added to his name during a ceremony last October. Golly That’s a Long Time Schepp does everything from customer service to plating, estimating, bindery, delivery and of course, printing. Gregg’s successes are marked only by happy customers. He loves adding a new name to his loooooooooooooong list of “Happies” that started way back in 1970. At night, when the print shop is quiet, we sometimes catch Gregg reading through that list with a smile on his face.


Geoff Sabin

Geoff Sabin (Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals) is your typical architect by day, rock musician by night, rock musician by really-early-the-next-morning kind of guy. With over 20 years of design and architecture experience, Geoff can design a building, design everything inside and outside the building, and then design the invitations for the grand opening. He could also cater the event and provide the live music as well. Geoff infuses creative energy into everything he does — his family life, song-writing, biking, hiking, skiing, golfing, cooking… the list goes on. And on. And on.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951

Cell Phone:(312) 420-5908

Pressroom Coordinator

Steve Rathert

With over 25 years of printing experience, Steve runs a tight shop. He is the center spread of Thysse. His hobbies include hunting and fishing, vacationing in tropical locales and collecting full beer bottles to add to his empty beer bottle collection. His favorite paper is 80# Gloss Cover and he has his clothes color-corrected at the dry cleaner.

Distribution Supervisor

Patrick Pecher

Ask anyone — Patrick is the hardest working worker at Thysse, which is saying a lot. Always on the go, running around the print shop, lifting boxes, filling out forms, receiving packages, packing up jobs … where does he get the energy? Well, it turns out he’s on the juice. Apple mostly, but sometimes he goes tropical with a little pineapple or passion fruit. Patrick has over 25 years of experience in this trade and he’s done it all. Patrick’s perfect day is a bottle of beer, good friends and good music. That perfect day is called “Thursday” in Patrick’s world. Livin’ the dream… livin’ the dream.


Steve Schmitz

Steve Schmitz. You’ve heard all the stories and all of the stories are true. Except that one … that one is just ridiculous. Steve is working on his second quarter-century in the printing trade. He’s been doing this for over 25 years. Steve is one of those guys that are always happy and always happy to see you. And why wouldn’t he be? He gets to work with all of us every day! He really is pretty lucky. Steve has that kind of mind that can be involved with a project from initial design concepts all the way through production and implementation. He likes making his clients look good and we like that he likes that.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951 Ext. 104

Cell Phone:(608) 250-0810

Business Analyst

Mariah Solchenberger

Growing up, Mariah always dreamed of one day opening up a little bookstore … a place where she could share her passion for the printed word with others. She wanted to travel the world searching for rare books and one day amass the largest private book collection in the world. So, when she told her high school guidance counselor that she wanted to keep books for a career, she was a little confused when he suggested an accounting-heavy college class schedule. Now a CPA, Mariah spends her time caring for the environment, playing pool, eating sushi, spending time with her family … and always on the lookout for a rare bookstore.

Workflow Development and Color Management

Julie Thysse

With a name like Thysse, you grow up knowing a thing or two about printing. In kindergarten, Julie was instrumental in the switch from waxed mulberry paper to plasticized nitrocellulose in the school mimeograph department — and, of course, her senior thesis, “Creating Consistency in Anodized Aluminum Sub-Surface Imagery,” is widely read and discussed amongst printing scholars to this day. With almost 15 years of experience, Julie puts the customer service in “customer service.” She packs up your job day or night, preflight. Zero hour, nine a.m. She makes sure it’s not “gonna be a long, long time” until you see your printing job again.

Mailing Supervisor

Jeff Utter

During his Thysse interview, Jeff Utter described himself as a no-nonsense, straight to the point type of guy with a freaky knowledge of rural zip codes, who likes to show people how to get things done. Of course, it made perfect sense for this direct male to direct direct mail. Jeff lives his life by the postal code, but is at-heart a family man first – “Bros before P.O.s”. When not sorting out #9s and #10s, Jeff enjoys curating his expansive indicia collection and watching his favorite show – Beverly Hills 90120-6197. Jeff assumes the title refers to the Peach Pit location on Wilshire Blvd. and therefore, adds the proper plus 4 number to ensure faster delivery.

Web Development

Wes Reinke

Design Project Manager

Julie Kimmell


Loren Zemlicka

Loren has been in the creative field for most of his life. A renowned Play-Doh sculptor in his early years, he had progressed to his fabled Crayola period by age 7. His professional graphic design career has spanned almost 20 years and now encompasses print design, web design, video production, copywriting, photography and experiential (environmental) graphic design.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951

Cell Phone:(608) 215-5385

Pre Press Supervisor

Kurt Vale

Kurt entered the printing trade over 20 years ago and has never looked back. Seriously, he has the dented rear bumper to prove it. Kurt is responsible for making everyone’s artwork look good in print. Genius? Maybe, but no one has ever been able to test him. This image represents the only time Kurt has ever been captured standing still. Most people would describe him as more of a blur.

Design Coordinator

Kari-Ellen Radl


Mark Traver


Brooke Barney

Large Format Project Manager

Jana Woodhouse

Workflow Development and Color Management

Ole Allen


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951


Paul Carow

Promotional Products Support

Kelly Brown

Customer Service Representative | Mail Services Specialist

Robin Jenkins

On-Site Account Manager

Jen Fletcher

Data Services Manager

Tina Morris


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951

Business Development Executive

Dawn Bauer