6 Benefits to Print Campaign Management

6 Benefits to Print Campaign Management

When your printer can provide effective campaign management, you gain so much more than printed products. By understanding you and your campaign goals, your printer can keep your efforts from going off the rails AND play a crucial role in your campaign’s success.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Internal stakeholders wanted a clear explanation of your campaign, but you struggled to express how it would work—and why it was necessary.
  • The timelines fell apart because you estimated too generously.
  • The budget ballooned, and you didn’t know what to cut.
  • A surprise campaign need emerged, but you couldn’t figure out how to budget for it.
  • The colors on your flyers didn’t match your banners, and the logo on your postcards was incorrect.

Challenges like these can put your campaign in a tailspin. But when you have campaign management support from your printer, you can prevent those situations while gaining benefits like the following. 

Your printer should be your campaign partner.

1. Get more from your print spend

You can tell a printer what items you want for your campaign—that’s easy. But then what? Campaign management means your printer doesn’t just nod and say, “Okay, we can do that.” 

Instead they take the time to consider what’s worked well for other customers. They also leverage the wisdom of internal experts and ask, “Is there a better way to do this?” 

By offering up best practices, your printer can help promote cost-effective approaches so you get more from your investment. 

Your printer should have direct mail down to a science.

For example, an outdated mailing list and a vague distribution strategy can cause significant waste. Look for a printer who has direct mail down to a science. They can help clean up your list, minimize postage costs, and time your mailing for maximum effectiveness.

2. Answer the tough business questions, create better outcomes 

The more a printer understands your campaign, the more effectively they can execute its components and the better they can act as an extension of your business.

That’s why robust campaign management demands a printer who asks questions like …

  • What are your goals? 
  • How will you measure your project success? 
  • How about your ROI?

Printers may shy away from asking these questions because it potentially holds them more accountable. But wouldn’t you prefer a printer who sees it as their responsibility to ask? 

3. Express your plan clearly and convince internal stakeholders

People want—and need—details, especially your internal stakeholders. Thanks to all the thorough discussion and methodical planning you’ve done with your printer, you’ll be more than prepared to deliver the kind of information management wants. 

Plan so you know details, and can give them to management.

Campaign management empowers you to deliver a comprehensive, step-by-step explanation for how your campaign will work and a compelling argument for why it’s a smart investment of time and money.

4. Create a clear picture of costs and timelines

A printer who lives and breathes campaign management knows the pace and sequence needed for a campaign’s successful implementation. 

Your printer can help with pace and sequence.

More specifically, they can help map out the projects within your campaign to not only accurately define timelines but also the associated costs with each one.

In fact, a printer who understands campaign management will want to be involved early on in your campaign planning. This isn’t a transactional procedure. This is what it can look like when  you work with a printer who’s invested in your campaign’s success.

And even the best-planned campaigns may encounter a surprise need or two. But with campaign management, your printer is there to guide you to a solution that can still meet your needs—without throwing your budget out of whack.

Campaign management is multifaceted - have a team.

5. Expect—and take comfort in having—a comprehensive support team 

Your campaign management is multifaceted. That’s why campaign management from your printer doesn’t depend on just one person. It’s a team effort. Here’s a glimpse of what that can look like:  

  • Sales can be helping you strategize the timing of your campaign components. 
  • Production can be providing advice on the best way to design a particular item.
  • Customer service can be working with you to facilitate the best possible schedule for your campaign components. 

6. Keep your brand consistent across your campaign projects

You can’t afford to lose sight of your brand details. Campaign management also means your printer is monitoring your colors, adhering to strict industry color standards, and helping your brand stay consistent and looking its best.

As your campaign unfolds and the files start flying, you also want a printer helping to ensure those files are set up right. This reduces the back-and-forth, keeps the printing process moving ahead, and ultimately means your printer can hit tighter color tolerances.

Translation: Your brand stays strong throughout all your campaign’s printed items.

Now you understand what your printer should be doing to provide exceptional campaign management support. It’s about way more than having products printed. You can actually make smarter business decisions that help you achieve more from your print investment.

If you want to learn more about how your organization can benefit from campaign management, contact Thysse.

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