Off-Kilter Kit Concepts for Your Next Event

Kit ‘Er Done – Kit-Packing done right. 

From the scheduled to the unexpected, partnering with Thysse on your next custom kitted project can create an unforgettable experience.

In the final throes of the 2020 stay-at-home order, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) set Thysse loose on a project that posed both a creative and logistical challenge: Design and ship 1,500 “Work From Home Kits” for a virtual conference to connect with attendees outside the digital realm. The box design and its contents would build excitement around the event, keep the mission top of mind, and give a nod to event sponsors.  

Rolling out a project of this scale is no small feat – but the real clincher? CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) would take place almost a year into the pandemic. After many months of Zoom calls, virtual museum tours and a shameful number of Tiger King episodes, audiences were running out of steam on screen time. The box needed to make attendees feel like they were part of an experience – and the final product didn’t disappoint. Conference attendees reported feeling valued, excited and pleasantly-surprised as the custom, colorfully- printed boxes began to show up on their doorsteps.  

While in-person pandemic restrictions have thankfully loosened in most states, our work with CUNA got us pondering the near-limitless potential for events both in and out of virtual channels. Let’s just say our brainstorming got a little out there, but sometimes thinking of the wackiest ideas can lead the way to a uniquely wonderful execution. 

While you start wondering about ways to wow your audiences, enjoy the finalists on our short list of off-kilter kits: 

The ‘Brew Buddy’ Kit

Since we know there are really only two kinds of people in the Midwest, those who know a lot about beer and those who want to know more about beer, let’s hop to it first with a kit whose potential could be tapped at any time. Whether you’re a local brewery owner rolling out a new flavor or an event planner with a penchant for planning parties that include a beer tent, this custom caddy could easily drive and improve brand awareness. Pitcher it now: Thysse can source, design and distribute sampling kits to accompany your best brews with merch such as:

  • Wooden tasting flight trays (complete with nifty erasable chalkboard labels)
  • Beer-tasting guide books outlining pour techniques and aroma/taste profiles 
  • Pub glasses or snifters to suit every taste from Belgians to Stouts
  • Branded bottle opener/corkscrew combos for a one-pop-top-shop
  • Brew-branded coasters to relinquish rings 
  • For the die-hard hops fans, throw in Electrolyte tablets & sunglasses, after a day of drinking, they’ll love your brand all the more for the additions

‘2nd Time’s the Charm’ Kit

Fair warning, this one goes to a dark place pretty quick. Bear with us, we did say we’re trying to get weird to get the juices flowing. Imagine your law office specializes in divorce proceedings. It’s safe to assume that the majority of your clients are less than thrilled to walk through your doors to discuss the impending dissolution of dreams and their life partnerships. Yet… think for a moment how uplifting it would be for your clients to receive a goofy gift box on such a downer of an occasion. We’re picturing a package prepared with:  

  • Branded wine keys for the first celebratory nights of freedom
  • A sampling of artisan chocolates for dinner a delicious snack 
  • Soothing bath salts to drown particularly pesky memories 
  • ‘Legal Steps to Freedom’ checklists to guide clients through the process 
  • Finally, throw in branded tissues for… allergies and other ailments

Employee ‘Welcome Back, NOW GET TO WORK!’ Kit 

Thanks to an onset of new job openings, targeted recruiting efforts and a wave of mobility-craving millennials, employees these days have options – and they know it! Employee appreciation is an increasingly important focus for companies large and small aiming to retain (and recruit) top-notch talent, and let’s face it, the return to the office for many of your employees will be a mighty shift from the sweatpants-wearing luxuries of yesteryear. What better way to ease the transition than with a quirky ‘welcome back’ kit to get everyone back on the same page? ‘Woo’ returning employees with a kit that includes: 

  • Mini Nerf® guns and a round of darts for a cubicle war of epic proportions
  • Hair salon gift cards to get those unruly locks 9-5 ready [insert Chewbacca vocalizations] 
  • A bag of local gourmet coffee to power through morning rush hour
  • A printed ‘welcome back’ message to frame a united front 
  • Stress balls in the shape of a random quirky animal – we prefer gorillas, but that’s just us

‘Cutting Edge DIY-er’ Kit

You don’t have to be the sharpest crayon in the toolbox to know how to paint furniture or raise a pole shed, but having the right tools of the trade can certainly make you look like one! If you’re an event planner tasked with putting together a trade show for the tool and hardware industry, why not put together a custom box to show off some handy new innovations in the industry, inspire attendees to tackle a new project, and give your event sponsors a shout out? Need some ideas? We’ve got the fix!

  • A pocket-sized mini leveler to make sure that surface is flat-out perfect
  • A flashlight with a bendable mount to light up those hard to reach corners 
  • Bandaids – for those occasional, almost-lost-a-finger-but-didn’t, moments. 
  • A handy new multi-tool for the jill or jacks of all trades
  • Mini retractable measuring tape keychain to measure twice and cut once!

If you made it this far, it’s safe to say you see where we’re going with all of these. Creating a lasting experience with your brand can be industry-relevant without replicating your competition’s swag bags. Did our list of extremely-specific-yet-highly-unlikely options spur a kit idea you’d like to try? Do you need to keep that project you delegated to the receptionist from turning into an utter kit-tastrophe

We get pretty amped up about putting together custom kits and we’d love to help! Our team of promotional services experts has the know-how, space and resources to create your custom kit from packing and design to shipping, and all the crinkle-paper tornados in between. Drop us a line or check out our promotional services page to learn more.

A Crash Course in Kit Packing

Kit packing 101: Efficiency Meets Impact

Let’s get the first question out of the way, shall we? Just what exactly is kit-packing? We’ll start by un-packing the term itself. In general, kit packing is assembling multiple related items into a single package and shipping them to a list of recipients. Think trade show displays, welcome kits, signage resets, benefits packages, instructional materials and the like. 

Because picking, packing, and shipping products separately takes time (and money), packing certain items together streamlines processes and reduces costs related to storage, shipping and inventory management.

Thysse understands the literal and logistical hoops you’re jumping through when working with multiple production vendors and office locations and how those can be compounded when you needed the items yesterday. We’ve seen the pain in your eyes as you retell the last attempt at employee appreciation gifts which ended with your HR’s “fun committee” in tears as they packaged up dozens of bath bombs while cross-referencing address spreadsheets as the pizza ran out and the Mountain Dew went flat. 

Too specific? Probably, but as usual, you know we get it and we’ve got the fix! 

So what kind of kit makes sense for you? Let’s break it down one step further and consider kits as they pertain to three different categories: Inventory-Managed Kits, On-Demand Printed Kits and Promotional Kits. 


You’ve got employees and locations across the country, all using collateral at alarming but varied rates. How do you ensure the right volumes of business cards, brochures, informational materials, and branded merchandise get to the right place, at the right time? 

Using Thysse’s Storefront platform, it’s easy to manage shipping and inventory with the touch of a button to track store-branded merchandise, marketing materials, business cards, and more in our warehouses – from anywhere. Here’s a quick rundown of the wrongs these kits make oh-so-right:

  • Never utter the words: “Larry, the warehouse is full.” Thysse can produce and store your materials in our 8,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center. 
  • You went trigger-happy trying to cut costs and now you’re up to your eyeballs in out-dated inventory… We help you hone in on your stored-inventory sweet spot. 
  • Night sweats because you forgot to re-up on those legal agreement forms? Rest easy knowing your custom-branded portal is available 24/7. 
  • You know your sales rep. better than your significant other… With Storefront, users can order more materials and monitor inventory levels with the click of a button – no sales rep. required. 
  • Worried that the receptionist you recruited forced to pack your 200 new employee welcome kits is going to have a crinkle paper meltdown and forget to include the contracts? We carefully pick, assemble and package your items into one organized kit and get them where they need to be on time, every time.

Storefront-initiated kits also cut lead times down to just 48 hours, freeing up valuable workspace and reducing obsolete inventory. 


2020 hit the business world hard. As in-person seminars and tradeshows shifted to online events, some got smart about their budget reallocations, shifting dollars toward enhancing the at-home experience for attendees. Yet, even after face-to-face events resumed, the newly-realized impact of promotional kits has event planners coming back for more. Why?

On-Demand Printed Kits allow us to meet the one-off kit demands of customers who don’t necessarily benefit from having pre-produced inventory stored in a warehouse, but still want the consistency, quality, and reliability of having one company handle the project from start to finish.

Got a breakfast seminar next Friday with 26 people? We can print you 26 promo boxes with the name of each attendee for a personalized experience they’ll remember long after the deviled eggs. Not only do our kit-packing services help you cater to every client on an individual level, but they also mean you don’t have to order any more than you need (or hold onto excess inventory!).


Success in any line of business is dependent on strong relationships –  that’s relationships with employees, customers, and prospects you hope to one day turn into customers. When it comes to promotional kits, however, it’s not just sending a gift that makes an impression, it’s what you pick and how you pack the gift that determines its success rate. 

Let’s use a non-profit as an example. You’re a non-profit focused on native bee conservation. You send a kit to potential donors featuring local honey, a packet of wildflower seeds, assorted teas, a branded mug, and a copy of your newsletter. Thysse can source and produce all of these items in-house, significantly reducing your packaging and shipping pain points. 

The real magic, however, happens when your box makes it to the hands of the recipient. Your prospect feels valued, seen and understood. The quality of your brand’s services is reflected in something tangible, useful and downright good looking – if we may be so bold. 

Let us handle the messy stuff so you can concentrate on what you do best – whether it’s clinching that new deal or coming out with a stellar new product. Thysse’s team is ready and waiting to run full support.

Questions about the services mentioned in this article? Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

Thysse Interviews Agrace on Promotional Boxes

Agrace Recognizes All Staff With Self-Care Gift for 2020

Thysse’s Marketing Director, Jen Braga, interviews Agrace’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Liz Kopling, on her experience with the project.

Agrace approached Thysse with an opportunity for a brand new project: a custom gift box for all employees to recognize them for their dedication and contributions in 2020. From March-December, these team members faced enormous challenges to providing patient care and facilitating family communications, all while navigating a pandemic themselves. Agrace’s CEO Lynne Sexten wanted to share Agrace’s appreciation for employees’ perseverance and commitment to providing the best standard of care for Agrace patients. In mid-December, I had the opportunity to sit down with Liz Kopling, Director of Marketing and Communications, to talk through the entire process, and how it was received by staff.

Agrace custom gift box

Jen: What made Agrace want to do a custom gift for your team this year?

Liz: In my 10 years with Agrace, we’ve never done a company-wide gift on this scale before, it was a unique thought for 2020. The project was really a function of wanting to reach out and personally thank each employee and surround them with care and empathy. We have about 850 employees and this year has been hard on all of them. Many of our staff are in a clinical setting and had added challenges of adapting many types of patient care throughout the pandemic.

As months and months of the pandemic wore on, our CEO, Lynne Sexten, had the idea to do something that would make people understand how much we appreciate them. To show our gratitude for hanging with us through such a tough year.

“You cannot take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first.”

Liz Kopling, Agrace

Jen: What were some emotions or themes you wanted to capture with this box?

Liz: The theme of the package was committing to self-care and creating self-compassion. The idea of giving yourself grace and prioritizing taking care of ourselves. You cannot take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

Each item was chosen to encourage taking breaks and participating in self-care in a way that was meaningful to them. We included items for work and home, to provide self-care opportunities throughout the day, in any setting.

Understanding that self-care is not always about self-reliance, we also included a list of resources for employee assistance, discounts and more.

Ultimately, we wanted to provide an experience that made them feel appreciated, understood, and valued.

Jen: The final box is made up of a few Thysse-sourced pieces and some with local flair. Can you talk through how you selected the items included?

Liz: The goal for the box was for items to be helpful and things that people would appreciate. We wanted them to be high quality and locally sourced when possible. Through employee connections, we sourced Madison-area companies to provide the tea and chocolate included in the baskets, (Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier and True Coffee Roasters). Thysse was a deliberate choice too, as you’re able to provide a local connection to help us source some of the items produced elsewhere. In the end, it was more about quality than quantity, we wanted an entire gift experience that people would value and be excited to receive.

Jen: Other than proximity to your offices, were there additional factors in your selection of Thysse as the partner for this project?

Liz: I had worked with Thysse on previous projects, and knew from experience that JJ would be honest with me about the feasibility of the ideas I had in mind. Thysse has a great reputation in Madison and Oregon, for being a provider of quality work and as a company who really cares about their community.

I’d worked with JJ and Tina on sourcing third-party items in the past, with great success. I knew they would be able to get what we wanted without the need for me to constantly check in to make sure things were on track. The communication and logistical work would be seamless with Thysse which was a huge advantage.

Agrace custom gift box

Jen: Can you explain how the project kicked off with our team? What tools and conversations did you have to help formulate the project scope? (initial consult, item selection, proofing, etc)

Liz: In the beginning, we just had the packaging and quality in mind, and wanted a trusted partner for the process. In terms of timing, once the idea was out of the gate, we wanted it delivered as soon as possible to help our staff combat the constant stress.

We came to the table with a couple ideas; we knew we wanted to include the chocolates and likely a cozy blanket, but were open to suggestions. Tina added so much value with her recommendations because she took our initial ideas and pulled ideas for us to consider. The blanket in particular ended up being a unique plaid pattern that she’d suggested.

We did use the promotional store link on the Thysse website to form an idea of what we were looking for, to then share with the Thysse team. It helped us understand what our options might be and have more productive discussions with Tina and JJ about the whole set of products.

Jen: What was the overall timeline for your project, from request to delivery?

Liz: The project was about 7 weeks from first contact to completion. The team was upfront about lead times, (YETI was substantial because of high demand), but once everything we ordered arrived in Thysse’s hands, the turnaround time exceeded expectations. Thysse was very responsive throughout the process.

Jen: Were there any expected or unexpected challenges in working through these custom boxes?

Liz: The timeline was out of our and your control, being based on vendor supply and lead times, which is a factor in any project. Tina and JJ were extremely upfront in setting expectations on delivery and ship dates to deliver as soon as possible. One piece we knew we wanted to include was a YETI product, which Tina confirmed at that time had the longest turnaround time of any of the items. We narrowed down that selection first, to get the order in immediately while other components were being selected.

“I had very high hopes and expectations of the project because of my past experiences with Thysse.”

Jen: What’s an unexpected benefit you found in working with Thysse through this process?

Liz: One example of Thysse’s value came when we went to order the blankets. The color patch on the blankets we’d chosen was brown and there were only about half the quantity needed in stock. Tina quickly suggested a gray option instead, that still went well with our branding and had full quantities available.

Anytime there was a hiccup, JJ or Tina would always respond with a solution which was so helpful. It kept things moving forward on our timeline, and it felt like they knew how important it was for us to get this out as quickly as possible. It also just takes the stress out of the hands of the customer or client in our case. Just knowing that I don’t have to worry about those details like I might have to with another vendor, where they aren’t as solution-oriented or proactive.

Another benefit was Thysse’s proximity. We always try to work with local partners as much as possible. On this project, it allowed us to more quickly view samples and make decisions.

I’ll just end with: I had very high hopes and expectations of the project because of my past experiences with Thysse. The feedback from staff was beyond my expectations. They were not only appreciative; they were emotionally overcome in some cases by how this package arrived unexpectedly with so much thought behind it. I think having Thysse be able to help us execute our vision was an expectation that your team far exceeded.

Jen: You had some custom messaging included in the boxes. How did you decide what to include, and who did you ask to participate in the box creation?

Liz: We wanted it to be a surprise, so we kept the working group fairly small. I shopped around a bit on the Thysse web portal and would put them into a little collage to be tweaked.

Some of it came up organically. We had the idea to do the “Proud Agrace Team Member” magnets, and I assumed that customizing them by job (RN, CAN, LPN, etc) would have a large cost associated. Tina got wind of that discussion and let us know that the cost difference would be pretty minimal. Her ability to work with the vendor gave us some more creative energy to be able to customize them even further.

The most collaborative part of the projects seemed to be after we had the items set. We started to look at the collection and wonder how to package them all together in a way that would withstand shipping, and in a way that would keep the boxes looking pristine. The Thysse team tested different boxing options, whether we should put everything into original packaging or totally customize the boxes for a better experience.

We ended up using a belly band that was glued around the bundle to keep everything in place. We did have a couple in person meetings, but for the most part we were able to collaborate with the stakeholders and Thysse virtually. I was with my design manager in my office and took a short video of a mockup idea. Thysse took that and ran with it to make a formal prototype to test with all the items and ensure the optimal fit. It was very collaborative.

In terms of the box we chose, when designing, we originally thought of using white. Someone on the Thysse side suggested the kraft brown box as these items were being shipped and could get a bit scuffed/worse for the wear in the process. The end result shipped beautifully, and that impacted the final design. 

Agrace custom gift box

Jen: We have an area in sales with space to do some prepackaging/prototyping. Tina, Ole, and JJ played your video on our monitor and would scrub back and forth on the layout to confirm it was matching your requests, and also note areas for improvement. I think that was the first time they’d used video to work with a client in that way, but all agreed it was a good process to continue for future projects, so that we can all agree on layout and assembly process. The video was a great tool for communicating remotely. Having the ability to play it back multiple times was extremely helpful.

Liz: Right! You can lose the nuance in meeting notes sometimes. The Thysse team’s expertise was a big asset in the process too. We thought that just wrapping the items up tighter in tissue paper should do the trick [to keep everything in place] and the Thysse crew did some testing. The corner of the chocolate box may break through the tissue in shipping jostling and arrive ripped/out of place. That’s the kind of level of detail where we just wouldn’t know, having never sent something like this before. Having a partner you can trust is critical. We’re not the experts in packaging and shipping, knowing that Thysse has that expertise and we didn’t have to anticipate every doomsday scenario that could occur.

Jen: I assume you’ve done some promotional product ordering in the past. What’s a mistake often made when sourcing promo products? Did we avoid this?

Liz: In the past, when we’ve been able to do something like this, we’re looking evaluating cost as first priority. Things end up being “ok” but no one is ever passionate about them. This time we had the benefit of being in a situation where we knew people would be passionate about the items received.

I noticed a difference in the quality of each piece too. The engraving and branding on every single item, from the $.99 ear saver to the patch on the nicer blankets, the imprints were so beautifully done. I was almost shocked at how good everything looked. Engraving/imprints/etc are not always done so meticulously. I don’t know if that’s a credit to the vendors that Thysse works with or Tina’s attention to detail or if we just got lucky. I mean, again, even the ear saver has just the most crisp, absolutely pristine logo on it

Jen: It’s a combination of all of the above. Tina knows the vendors doing the imprints, and selects those that do an outstanding job engraving/embossing. There’s also a difference depending on the product chosen, certain materials will receive embossing or imprints a little better, and look really clean. If something’s printed on lower quality material, or in a way that’s less conducive to the application, it will end up being less crisp or doesn’t leave as clean of a line. Tina has such a high level of expertise in that area, and she will let you know if a combination is not going to work out as desired. She’s great about sharing alternate options that are still in line with your vision, but will have greater impact, often at roughly the same price point.

Jen: Color management, brand consistency, and overall experience are important to Thysse. Can you describe how Agrace evolved certain components or values into physical pieces and experiences with the box? The theme was self-care, but did some of the values of Agrace make their way into the box?

Liz: Our values as a nonprofit and a healthcare organization frequently revolve around compassion. That’s compassion for patients and families, but we took this as an opportunity to show compassion for our staff. They’re such a valuable resource to Agrace themselves, so we used self-care inspiration and quotes in the box to draw those feelings out in a way that was tied to Agrace but wasn’t simply our mission, vision, values plastered on the inside of the box. This was something created for our staff, so it needed to be fresh and a little unique application of our core tenets. The box was something a little different meant to engage in a fresh way.

“…what would make us feel valued and seen and understood and heard? We were invested in creating an experience that was relatable to our own staff as a target audience.”

Jen: What should companies know about when it comes to employee gifting on a large scale?

Liz: I think we were so successful in this project because our leadership team (CEO, another director and I) thought about what we’d like to receive in a gift like this. I put myself in the recipient’s shoes as I am an employee but I’m not a clinician providing hands-on care. That exercise of thinking about the emotions we wanted to evoke, what would make us feel valued and seen and understood and heard? We were invested in creating an experience that was relatable to our own staff as a target audience. You can typically do focus groups to understand these audiences and find out what they’d like. In this case, we wanted to keep this as a surprise to keep the mystique, so we didn’t really have that option. We did a bit of projecting, if you will. In particular, one of the quotes used was “talk to yourself as you’d talk to a friend.” Thinking along those lines of, what would you want to get that would make you feel valued?

Agrace custom gift box

Jen: Can you share some of the feedback received about the boxes?

Liz: It was so exciting to hear from the staff. They were surprised and so appreciative and emotionally touched by the gesture. There were some common themes which were:

  • It was clear each item was picked out with love and intent.
  • It was that the box arrived just at the right time. Some went on to describe the day they’d experienced and the ongoing challenges of providing care during a pandemic.
  • People felt it was speaking to them when it arrived at their home and felt like it was made just for them.

It was exciting to hear these things from my coworkers and repeatedly gave me chills. Hearing their comments and seeing how much it meant to people, there was a lot of tearing up over the shared emotion and people sharing their heartfelt gratitude.

A lot of the staff went directly to our CEO to share their gratitude. Some went to our internal forum, some shared to social media to unveil their boxes. To share how they felt, there were comments like “wow! That’s the reason you work for a place that appreciates you in this way!”

Jen: Are there any additional thoughts you’d like to share about the experience?

Liz: It was just something we were really proud to do for our team. People know I oversee the marketing department and assumed I had something to do with it. They would approach me to ask about it and say it was really well done. We heard this multiple times!

That was feedback I appreciated because we put out so many things each day and you don’t always hear the impact they have on people. That feedback was really meaningful to me. Not only did people feel appreciated but they felt like they were receiving something of quality.

Jen: That makes us feel great about the work too! Even if it had not been as collaborative, and was purely transactional on our part, producing the box and procuring the items, we would have been so proud to be a part of it. Knowing that we were able to also add input and help along the way, makes our staff feel so proud to have assisted with this effort too. We love being a partner to projects that help in this way because we can bring together multiple service. By combining the custom kit packaging, with the promotional items, and shipping direct to the team, we were able to have a greater impact and assistance to the Agrace team.

Liz: Your team was excited to work with us and that really shined through in every interaction we had with Thysse. Obviously this wasn’t the only project you were working on, yet it felt like we were given priority and we were the only project. They were very responsive and happy to talk with us about the project.

January Spotlight on Promotional Products at Thysse

Promo mug

Our scope of promotional product offerings to are built to suit your needs. Whether you need 1 piece or 10,000, Thysse can handle it!

Sounds nice, but just what the heck is a promotional product?

Glad you asked, and we’re here to help! At Thysse, we see promotional products as more than just slapping a logo on a shirt; promotional products are truly a way to bring your brand anywhere. You could choose to imprint with the company logo, slogan, advertise a particular event, or choose a design that’s brand new! The main benefit of using promotional products, is that every visible piece of branding increases awareness of your company.

Those T-shirts, blankets, backpacks, laptop sleeves, even UV sanitizers for your phone, all add up to powerful marketing tools when used effectively. These pieces allow your brand to connect with consumers by bringing your company values and tenets to tangible experiences. Again, the key here is to translate this message properly so that increased awareness also means improved brand perception.

After all,

“Brand perception is what customers believe a product or service represents, not what the company owning the brand says it does.”

Qualtrics, 2020. Brand perception: Everything you need to know

Consider how your brand will be perceived if the company pens don’t work. Or if the color match on your apparel is off from the products sold in your store. At best, you’ve wasted funds on these marketing tools because they will be discarded. At worst, these are subtle indicators of quality and value your brand provides, and they’re not favorable.

Think we’re just pulling your leg? Research shows that promotional products DO WORK.

Promo product recipients have increased unaided awareness of the brand, meaning they can recall the name of the company who advertised on the product (up to 88% recall rate).

Consumers will also hold onto them so long as they’re useful and unique (up to 80% of recipients have at least 1 promotional product in their homes).

So before you jump to ordering that next set of company reusable bags or new stash of pens, consider items that are most beneficial to your consumer base. Need some help in sourcing or brainstorming ideas? Thysse has you covered. We’ve built custom cooking kits, themed promotional apparel bundles from multiple suppliers, created one-of-a-kind artwork and die-cuts for company ornaments and much more.

The bottom line in promotional products is to create a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Thysse has a team dedicated to finding the right solutions to exemplify your brand for consumers and employees alike.

Drop us a note on our contact form to learn more!

Promotional Products Service Page

Introducing Thysse Bundles: A promotional offering with your brand at the center.

Let’s face it, sometimes the idea of sourcing branded items for your team or customers is easier said than executed. There’s an internet-load of options to choose from, shipping times, personalization options, and deciphering what each vendor means by “imprint.” It’s great to have a promotional products specialist to guide you along the decision-making process, but sometimes even that can be daunting.

Our promo team always works to make that process as smooth as possible. They weed out the poor-quality items, clearly lay out shipping costs, production times, and benefits of volume pricing. But this year, we wanted to take our efforts a step further to better meet changing needs of remote work and recognition.

Thus, Thysse Bundles was born.

Our first set of bundles includes a health/wellness component, a technology component, and opportunities for multiple imprint styles for brand exposure and flexibility.

We know that a single quality piece is memorable, but an entire gifting experience is unmatched. We also understand that these conversations typically start with a budget and roll from there. Our team of promo experts have created a series of branded items thoughtfully paired with price, quality, and maximum impact in mind. These are then hand-packaged, addressed, and shipped from our facility to your recipient’s front door. What could be easier?

Intrigued yet? Love the bundle, gift wrapping, and shipping but looking for a custom gift to suit your needs? No sweat, we can easily bundle a unique solution for your team too.

Drop Tina a line at to learn more and talk specifics.