OREGON, WI, April 26, 2023 – Thysse Honored to Attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New UW Madison School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences (CDIS) Building

Construction job-site obscured by fence wrapped in graphic banners that offer details about the project.

Thysse had front row (okay, fourth row) seats as optimism and excitement filled the tent of distinguished guests, donors and partners at the CDIS build-site today. Quick name drop moment – Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and Bucky Badger were also there. Jay Rothman, President of the University of Wisconsin System, hosted the event and shared the podium with colleagues and donors. Each remarked on the astonishing evolution of computer technology over the past half-century and stressed the significance of this massive investment in the future of the UW System, the State of Wisconsin, and our collective role in shaping the future for the world.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers addresses attendees at CDIS groundbreaking event.

Thysse attended as a contributor to the CDIS project, continuing our longstanding relationship with UW Madison.  Thysse has been fortunate to partner on other campus facilities offering experiential design, facility branding, print, and fabrication services. Jason Thysse reacted positively about future partnership:

“To be involved in these huge, inspiring and important projects is wonderful. There’s a lot of work to do before this opens in 2025 and #TeamThysse is excited to help.”

The new CDIS building is just over 340,000 sq. ft., doubling the current CDIS capacity, and will become the most energy efficient building on UW Madison’s campus. The elements of sustainability include onsite solar energy generation, efficiency upgrades spanning all consumables and 25% site coverage with plants. These attributes allowed the facility to achieve LEED Platinum certification status – the highest green-building standard worldwide.  Take a virtual tour of the building at and learn more about us at      


About Thysse

Located in Oregon, WI, Thysse is an ever-evolving brand experience provider built by three generations of visual communication specialists. Thysse is Where you go with your brand™

Each relationship and project at Thysse starts from a core belief that every brand deserves professional care, a thoughtful approach, and specialized execution. We understand the profound impact of your visual brand elements in creating connection, inspiring action, or transforming a space. Our team seeks first to understand, then to act. We ensure every element’s design, production, and installation are as perfect as we can make them. After all, this work is not only representative of your brand; it is also a reflection of ours.

Thysse representatives pose in front of facility graphics they created.
#TeamThysse rep’n the event and our site-graphics!

Thysse Announces Changes to Leadership Structure


OREGON, WI, March 21, 2022 – Thysse, best known for generating innovative brand solutions and serving its local community, announced an expanded internal leadership structure. The adjustment will bring the company closer to its vision of becoming the premier model of a Brand Experience Provider. The restructuring includes new internal roles for owner and company President, Jason Thysse, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer, and for Dean Bott, former General Manager, now serving as President.

Jason Thysse
Thysse CEO
Dean Bott
Thysse President

The new leadership structure allows Jason to focus on strategy that shifts Thysse into the future, transitioning the company to one that encourages leadership at every level. This move will empower Thysse employees to act with autonomy in supporting the company’s overall vision while fostering accountability and effective decision-making in their daily work.

In his new role as President, Dean Bott will draw on his extensive experience with process education within the print industry, assuming responsibility for day-to-day company functions. Already a key leader in the company, Bott will now oversee leadership, finance, marketing, sales and operations – both creative and manufacturing.

Even in adjusted roles, Jason and Dean will continue to work together to lead the company to its fullest potential.

“Eighty-one years ago, my grandfather founded this company on passion, pride, and craftsmanship. This next evolution puts Thysse on a path that continues to fulfill that legacy, leading us toward achieving our goal of becoming the accepted authorities in every brand offering we provide.”

Jason Thysse, CEO

About Thysse

Located in Oregon, WI, Thysse is an ever-evolving brand experience provider built by three generations of visual communication specialists. Thysse is “Where you go with your brand.”

Each relationship and project at Thysse starts from a core belief that every brand deserves professional care, a thoughtful approach, and specialized execution. We understand the profound impact of your visual brand elements in creating connection, inspiring action, or transforming a space. Our team seeks first to understand, then to act. We ensure every element’s design, production, and installation are as perfect as we can make them. After all, this work is not only representative of your brand; it is also a reflection of ours.

For more information, contact Jen Braga, Thysse, at 608.249.6951

An Interview with Thysse’s Director of Specialty Graphics: Jim Hagen

He’s Not Square, But His Graphics Are.  

Meet the guy behind your next Specialty Graphics installation.

Based on our last post, which demystified some absurdly ‘out-there’ industry jargon, you know Thysse’s Director of Specialty Graphics is a witty, downright likable guy. Sure, being the jovial sort makes every communication and project more enjoyable, fostering a highly-collaborative environment for your Specialty Graphics installation.

But did you know he’s also an indisputable expert at his craft, with years of experience and an infectious passion to match? We asked Jim to set his squeegee aside for a moment to give our clients a glimpse of who they’d be working with if they trusted #TeamThysse to fabricate and install their next Specialty Graphics project. Here’s what the guy behind the magic had to say: 

Thysse: How would you capture the essence of what you do in a thirty second elevator pitch? 

Jim: I install graphics and displays in your space to improve brand awareness. My team and I digitally print and cut custom, full-color graphics, and install them to bring our clients’ designs to life within their facilities.

You’ve been working in the industry for a respectable length of time. How long has it been? Do you remember your first project? 

Jim: Let’s just say if my career were a child, they’d be a young millennial hopefully in grad school by now. My first vinyl graphics job was lettering a Mazo Cheese tanker truck. My installation was awful. Wrinkled, crooked with a ton of bubbles. It was so terrible that the guy felt bad for me. Said it looked great, paid the invoice, and gave me a giant wheel of cheese. That was in 1994. I think I still have some of the wheel of cheese left.

Jim, it’s time to toss that cheese! Wrapping objects of all shapes and sizes with ultra-thin vinyl involves a pretty niche skill set. What led you to a career in this field? 

Jim: In the Air Force I trained to repair avionics systems. Turns out, repairing aircraft electronics is pretty dull if you’re looking to scratch your creative itch! After helping a few friends with their logos and promotional materials, I decided to invest in my own vinyl graphics equipment. I did that as a side gig while my day job was still in electronics. Eventually, it turned into a second full-time job and one had to go! I chose the better option.

Have you ever wrapped any of your own spaces or equipment?

Jim: It’s always been easier for me to work on projects for someone else because I’m helping bring their vision to life on a piece they love. After all the years spent working on clients’ projects, two years ago I finally did a color change wrap on an old car of mine, now fondly known as Stella.

Is there a project you’ve always wanted to work on? 

Jim: I’ve always wanted to work on wraps that “theme” children’s areas in hospitals. I once wrapped a mobile X-ray machine at American Family Children’s Hospital to look like a fire truck. That way when it’s wheeled into the room, it doesn’t look so frightening. 

People who haven’t worked in the industry may not realize the skill and craftsmanship involved in a project. What are some of the unique challenges and considerations involved in an installation?  

Jim: Installing graphics in a space or on a 3D object is much different than a website or a flat printed sheet. The graphics need to flow all the way around. Sizing the graphics correctly, then executing the installation to match the client’s original design is a huge undertaking. It’s a giant leap from the computer screen to the walls in a reception area! 

Have you had to learn any special skills to execute an install?

Jim: Ambidexterity? Over the years, I’ve learned to write, knife cut, scissor and squeegee with both hands. Sometimes you find yourself in a position where only your left hand can reach what you are working on. 

Word on the street is that you have some pretty epic hobbies outside of work. What do you like to do in your free time? 

Jim: I’m definitely all over the place with what I like to do in my free time. I’m a nerd for vinyl records and vintage electronics, like the 70’s Marantz™ receiver I’ve been repairing. I think the old gear just sounds better! I’m a hack on a water ski and surfboard, and enjoy spending time with our horses. I don’t barrel race with them like my wife does, but I do love a very fast trail ride! Oh, and I can’t forget cruising in Stella.

 What’s something that might surprise a client about the install process? 

Jim: Some clients look oddly at me using a propane torch to heat the vinyl I’m installing. It’s an open flame typically used on hard-to-remove metal hardware, or to remove paint from furniture. I like to use a propane torch because it’s cordless, easy to control and the heat is instant. 

Knowing a quality install from a poor one might not be common knowledge for the average person. What are some common mistakes to watch out for? 

Jim: Each project brings its own challenges, and if an installer doesn’t take time to create accurate templates and detailed installation guides, it can really affect the longevity and impact of the final product. Creating square borders for leveling, and ensuring perfectly straight graphic overlaps can mean the difference between an exceptional and average installation.

What are the benefits of working with a company who can manage both the production and installation aspects of a project? 

Jim: In short, accuracy and efficiency. Your printer can evaluate your design, modify it to suit the space, and produce the graphics with the installation in mind. If necessary, they can design around trouble areas like door handles and outlets, all while considering the existing architecture and furniture. When it comes to the ‘wow’ factor of an installation, it’s all about the small, but important, details.

A lot of people don’t get to do what they love for a living, but it seems like this is more than a daily grind for you. What is it that motivates you?

Jim: It starts with meeting business owners and seeing their passion. I’m always honored when a client trusts me to translate and install their designs, that ultimately will help grow their livelihood. I’ve made some great connections with some of the hardest working people I know and gained their respect – that is a high achievement in my book! This sounds corny, but for me, every installation is personal. My business reputation means everything to me. I guess I’m old school. 

Now that you know a thing or two (or twelve) about the man behind the headshot, it’s hardly a surprise why Jim fits the Thysse bill. In 1941, Thysse’s founder set the precedent that we’d define ourselves by our passion, pride, and craftsmanship. Eighty years later, we still take that sentiment pretty seriously around here.

For us, Specialty Graphics is the sum of the whole installation process, from helping our clients translate their designs and fabricating exceptional graphics, to bringing their design to life in a physical space. The connections built along the way are just one more of the joys in choosing Thysse to be where you go with your brand

Got a cool design in mind and need someone to help with execution? Want to go water skiing with Jim? Give us a shout, or feel free to explore more on your own first.

Interested in a fabulous install but not sure where to even begin? We’d suggest starting a conversation with our Experiential Design team to see how we can help.

Translating Specialty Graphics Lingo

He Said What?!

Specialty Graphics lingo guaranteed to make your mom blush.

“It’s skirting because you didn’t glass it right. You’ve got to stretch and torch it before you go back in with the squeegee. Now add a little more sauce, that should do it!”

Wait… what??

Though it reads like a complaint spewed by a disgruntled car wash patron, it is in fact something you might hear while observing a Specialty Graphics installation in your facility.

 In case you missed our back-to-basics definition of Specialty Graphics last week, think of them as the vast category of graphics and signage that can be applied to the windows, to the walls, and all of your equipment during a facility branding project.

Being the innately curious folks that we are, we decided to do bit more digging into this twisted lingo and see what we could find. Care to see the finalists on our list of wild and ‘other-wordly’ terms of the trade? Read on.

From ‘Stud Mounts’ to ‘Skirting’

The first one on the list isn’t that weird, but it is critically important during an install and equally fun to say. SQUEEEEEEGEEEEEE. SQUEE. GEEE. We digress…

As one might imagine, a squeegee is a flat plastic tool used to install vinyl graphics. It ensures a smooth and secure application free from bubbling and lifting edges. “Way better than a credit card,” asserts Jim.

“It’s how I refer to my neighbor’s lawn where it meets mine,” says Jim. Non-habit forming and 100% legal, weed borders are also the square frames cut around an irregularly shaped graphic that are removed before application. Their basic-yet-essential function is to help square-up the graphic and ensure proper alignment during an installation.

Guaranteed to make a middle school kid blush, kiss cut vinyl graphics are those printed on a larger sheet of vinyl, usually with an adhesive backing. The graphics are aligned using a laser, cut into individual shapes and masked front and back with an adhesive sheet. Pull the backing off, expertly apply with your squeegeroonee, and, voilà!

Get your mind out of the gutter! Handing involves creating a mirrored image of a graphic that is intended for two different sides of a piece of equipment. “For example, a horse’s head needs to be facing the front of a truck on both sides,” says Jim, “Because a horse would never run backwards. Duh.”

Jim insisted upon wearing sunglasses for this part. Stud mounts are dimensional graphics that are affixed to the wall using long, threaded screws. Wood or acrylic letters for example, get punched with holes in the back, mounted with screws, and slid into pre-drilled holes in the wall. The final product looks as dapper as the name suggests.

This is in fact not what happened to Marilyn while standing over the manhole. Although similar in ways, skirting in specialty graphics refers to vinyl that’s starting to bunch up around the edges after installation. “Hey, it happens to the best of us,” says Jim. But any good installer knows the remedy – a little stretching or heat before Mr. Squeegeepants usually does the trick!

Is it a close-to-capsizing tented ‘caution’ sign that says ‘wet floor’? Nope! More like a liquid recipe of baby shampoo and distilled water used to apply graphics to glass. Often referred to as “sauce”, we still wouldn’t recommend eating it!

Sounds dangerous, but is relatively painless. This thin tape with a super-strong Kevlar thread in it is applied before the graphics are installed along a future cut line. Pull the thread out of the tape, and it cuts the vinyl in one fell swoop. “I’m almost certain I heard it from a friend, who told my uncle, who then told me, that NASA invented it for installing graphics on Mars,” asserts Jim.

Smoothing out our list is a step in the installation process guaranteed to make your OCD tendencies tingle. This step involves pulling a large graphic smooth from several different sides to get it to lay perfectly flat before adding heat or going in with your squeegeemobobber. “Smooth baby!” Says Jim. He’s added finger guns to the sunglasses at this point.

Whether they’re in plain English or preposterous prose, well executed facility branding is worth well over 1,000 words. Armed with the lingo, materials, tools, and the capabilities to print on nearly anything, Thysse can help your brand speak volumes.

Have an idea for a project you’d like to kick over to us? Give us a shout! We’re always happy to talk through a project.

Prefer to go back to the basics first? Check out the beginner’s guide to Specialty Graphics here.

Off-Kilter Kit Concepts for Your Next Event

Kit ‘Er Done – Kit-Packing done right. 

From the scheduled to the unexpected, partnering with Thysse on your next custom kitted project can create an unforgettable experience.

In the final throes of the 2020 stay-at-home order, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) set Thysse loose on a project that posed both a creative and logistical challenge: Design and ship 1,500 “Work From Home Kits” for a virtual conference to connect with attendees outside the digital realm. The box design and its contents would build excitement around the event, keep the mission top of mind, and give a nod to event sponsors.  

Rolling out a project of this scale is no small feat – but the real clincher? CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) would take place almost a year into the pandemic. After many months of Zoom calls, virtual museum tours and a shameful number of Tiger King episodes, audiences were running out of steam on screen time. The box needed to make attendees feel like they were part of an experience – and the final product didn’t disappoint. Conference attendees reported feeling valued, excited and pleasantly-surprised as the custom, colorfully- printed boxes began to show up on their doorsteps.  

While in-person pandemic restrictions have thankfully loosened in most states, our work with CUNA got us pondering the near-limitless potential for events both in and out of virtual channels. Let’s just say our brainstorming got a little out there, but sometimes thinking of the wackiest ideas can lead the way to a uniquely wonderful execution. 

While you start wondering about ways to wow your audiences, enjoy the finalists on our short list of off-kilter kits: 

The ‘Brew Buddy’ Kit

Since we know there are really only two kinds of people in the Midwest, those who know a lot about beer and those who want to know more about beer, let’s hop to it first with a kit whose potential could be tapped at any time. Whether you’re a local brewery owner rolling out a new flavor or an event planner with a penchant for planning parties that include a beer tent, this custom caddy could easily drive and improve brand awareness. Pitcher it now: Thysse can source, design and distribute sampling kits to accompany your best brews with merch such as:

  • Wooden tasting flight trays (complete with nifty erasable chalkboard labels)
  • Beer-tasting guide books outlining pour techniques and aroma/taste profiles 
  • Pub glasses or snifters to suit every taste from Belgians to Stouts
  • Branded bottle opener/corkscrew combos for a one-pop-top-shop
  • Brew-branded coasters to relinquish rings 
  • For the die-hard hops fans, throw in Electrolyte tablets & sunglasses, after a day of drinking, they’ll love your brand all the more for the additions

‘2nd Time’s the Charm’ Kit

Fair warning, this one goes to a dark place pretty quick. Bear with us, we did say we’re trying to get weird to get the juices flowing. Imagine your law office specializes in divorce proceedings. It’s safe to assume that the majority of your clients are less than thrilled to walk through your doors to discuss the impending dissolution of dreams and their life partnerships. Yet… think for a moment how uplifting it would be for your clients to receive a goofy gift box on such a downer of an occasion. We’re picturing a package prepared with:  

  • Branded wine keys for the first celebratory nights of freedom
  • A sampling of artisan chocolates for dinner a delicious snack 
  • Soothing bath salts to drown particularly pesky memories 
  • ‘Legal Steps to Freedom’ checklists to guide clients through the process 
  • Finally, throw in branded tissues for… allergies and other ailments

Employee ‘Welcome Back, NOW GET TO WORK!’ Kit 

Thanks to an onset of new job openings, targeted recruiting efforts and a wave of mobility-craving millennials, employees these days have options – and they know it! Employee appreciation is an increasingly important focus for companies large and small aiming to retain (and recruit) top-notch talent, and let’s face it, the return to the office for many of your employees will be a mighty shift from the sweatpants-wearing luxuries of yesteryear. What better way to ease the transition than with a quirky ‘welcome back’ kit to get everyone back on the same page? ‘Woo’ returning employees with a kit that includes: 

  • Mini Nerf® guns and a round of darts for a cubicle war of epic proportions
  • Hair salon gift cards to get those unruly locks 9-5 ready [insert Chewbacca vocalizations] 
  • A bag of local gourmet coffee to power through morning rush hour
  • A printed ‘welcome back’ message to frame a united front 
  • Stress balls in the shape of a random quirky animal – we prefer gorillas, but that’s just us

‘Cutting Edge DIY-er’ Kit

You don’t have to be the sharpest crayon in the toolbox to know how to paint furniture or raise a pole shed, but having the right tools of the trade can certainly make you look like one! If you’re an event planner tasked with putting together a trade show for the tool and hardware industry, why not put together a custom box to show off some handy new innovations in the industry, inspire attendees to tackle a new project, and give your event sponsors a shout out? Need some ideas? We’ve got the fix!

  • A pocket-sized mini leveler to make sure that surface is flat-out perfect
  • A flashlight with a bendable mount to light up those hard to reach corners 
  • Bandaids – for those occasional, almost-lost-a-finger-but-didn’t, moments. 
  • A handy new multi-tool for the jill or jacks of all trades
  • Mini retractable measuring tape keychain to measure twice and cut once!

If you made it this far, it’s safe to say you see where we’re going with all of these. Creating a lasting experience with your brand can be industry-relevant without replicating your competition’s swag bags. Did our list of extremely-specific-yet-highly-unlikely options spur a kit idea you’d like to try? Do you need to keep that project you delegated to the receptionist from turning into an utter kit-tastrophe

We get pretty amped up about putting together custom kits and we’d love to help! Our team of promotional services experts has the know-how, space and resources to create your custom kit from packing and design to shipping, and all the crinkle-paper tornados in between. Drop us a line or check out our promotional services page to learn more.

Experiential Design Dream Team: Defined.

We thought a few introductions to the team who tinkers with your brand translations was in order. After all, we’ve been playing them up as guides and experts of brand expression, but often they get reduced down to job title when we boast about our unique experiential design makeup. For one blog only, we’re putting a temporary spotlight their skills and storied pasts because it’s about time we bragged about these creative minds.

Loren Zemlicka | Principal

Loren Zemlicka, Design Principal

First up, the guy who started the foray into experiential design at Thysse. A creative in one way or another for most of his life, Loren brought his 20 years of graphic design experience and creative direction to Thysse in 2013 and only looked back to bring a few friends along for the ride (more on them in a moment). A renowned Play-Doh sculptor in his early years, he’s since moved on to molding enterprise brands into hierarchical masterpieces and has been known to moonlight a blog or two. Never content to master one skill, his efforts now stretch to encompass print design, web design, video production, copywriting, photography and of course, experiential (environmental) graphic design.

Kris Marconnet | Senior Designer

Kris Marconnet, Experiential Designer

Kris excels at visual branding elements in corporate, education and healthcare settings. A practicing lawn artist, she’s mastered the intricate turns and specific step counts to create an exact match to the revered Scottish “Royal Stewart” tartan in her own backyard. This latest design received modest praise from the neighbors, though they’re still a little leery after the more controversial piece, “Reclining Nude Eating Grapes.” We wish Mrs. Jensen well in her recovery… What were we doing? Ah yes, bragging about our master illustrator and logo developer. Probably swearing like a sailor internally that she’s the first designer on the list of praise, we’ll have to bribe her with cans of Bubly to make up for it. Like a silent assassin, her 25 years of accomplished design work often speaks for itself.  

Julie Kimmell | Project Manager

Julie Kimmel, Design Project Manager

We want your project to be beautiful, but we also want to be sure it stays on schedule and budget too. Hailing from the picturesque shores of an Illinois farm and a life spent raising hot dogs and bears, Julie is our professional creative management maven. We’re thrilled she left a string of Amazonian corporations, the three-martini lunches, fashion model shoots and glamorous haute-couture lifestyle behind to join our team; who doesn’t long for a hard hat now and then? With over 20 years of experience in creative and schedule wrangling,  Julie supports the team with financials, project planning, estimating and documentation on every design project and thankfully runs that weekly status meeting with military precision.

Allyson Casey | Concept Designer

Allyson Casey, Experiential Designer

We probably shouldn’t brag about theft on here, but you could say we stole Allyson away after collaborating on a multi-year project. Maybe stole is a bit harsh, we are pretty irresistible after all. She joined the Thysse Design crew in 2018 and brought her wealth of knowledge as a designer, art director, and artist along with. She’s also got a penchant for obscure indie folk music. If it’s got guitars, mandolins, or fiddles, you can bet it’s on her Spotify playlist. Typically armed with a cup of coffee and at least one AirPod in, she can nail a brand’s essence in record time, and translate it to walls, windows, and more. We usually pause the stopwatch for that second part.

Jen Braga | Marketing Director

Jen Braga, Marketing Director

We don’t make it a pattern, but sometimes we like the people we work with enough to hire them on our team. She’s been a project manager, designer, brand manager, and marketing specialist, and has a terrible golf swing, so we thought it’d be best to combine it all into one role on our team. Jen is a University of Wisconsin MBA graduate specializing in marketing and branding. She understands the importance of powerful storytelling, targeted messaging and may use the term “unaided brand awareness” approximately 23.5x more often than the average person.

Angie Biermeier | Designer

Angie Biermeier, Experiential Designer

We round out introductions with our very first Thysse Design hire. Angie came from the print design, copy layout and logo development world, and has since broadened her skillset, working in the built environment to create facility branding programs. Think that’s impressive? Wait till you see her Donnie and Marie memorabilia collection. With over 20 years of design experience, we’ll listen to her talk about the Osmond lunch boxes, coloring books, framed (and signed) 8x10s all day because when it comes down to it, Angie is a technical production artist wiz. Truly, her art file setups are a thing of art.

So there you have it, the team who draws the connection between material and messaging, and brings your brand into a new plane. In addition to these key personnel, we also have a staff comprised of a skilled craftsmen and women who love what they do. It is a team woven together with collective expertise and bound by satisfaction of a job well done.

Sound like a crew you’d like to kick it with even when the projects get hard? See if you have what it takes to join the team.

Curious to learn more? Let’s talk. We’re not salespeople. We’re just a bunch of passionate designers who love to talk through a project.

The Road to Solar Power

Thysse’s solar panels are live.

One glance at our new facility and it’s apparent that we’re invested in solar for the long haul. The panels take up the majority of our production facility’s rooftop, and glimmer with the slightest hint of sunlight. The spectacular team at Arch Electric helped us get them up and running in the fall, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The layout, track install, and fastening of the panels took about 7 weeks, and as of November 24, 2020, the panels were live and Thysse began officially drawing solar power from our own grid.

See more in our joint press release here.

But let’s take a step back and walk through what it took to get to this point. Interest in creating a more sustainable building, including solar panels, has been a part of the vision for this campus from the beginning. As various components of the project came together, it was not a question of “if” solar would be installed, but “when?” and “how?” especially as COVID turned many plans around. When we moved into the building in late July, it was unknown when we would be able to implement them into the roof of the structure.

To plan accordingly and install solar properly, Thysse needed multiple partners in the renewable energy industry. In mid 2019, Thysse began working with Legacy Solar Cooperative to find a way to replace some of our conventional energy with clean power. Legacy Solar Cooperative is a Wisconsin-based co-op that provides solar products/services. The co-op is a natural partner for Thysse in this effort, as their intent is to bring people together to support solar and other clean energy initiatives.

The co-op does not endorse every solar project in Wisconsin, they require that co-op support be reserved for projects that will last a minimum of 40 years, giving dual meaning to the term “sustainable energy.”

In August of 2020, Thysse was notified that the USDA would be awarding us a grant through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). The REAP program assists businesses pursuing projects relating to energy audits and renewable energy development by providing grants to fund a portion of the projects. REAP also supports rural and small business by funding purchases and installs of renewable energy systems to make energy efficiency improvements.

With the USDA assistance, Thysse began work with our install partner, Arch Electric, to expand our emphasis on renewable energy by creating an install plan for the approved solar panels. Arch Electric specializes in energy storage solutions, utility solar, commercial/industrial solar and storage, along with operations and maintenance services. The company is considered the largest vertical provider of solar in Wisconsin and its mission is to educate, inspire, and power current and future generations to choose a clean, sustainable form of energy.

Arch Electric installed a whopping 850 panels which are expected to produce approximately 350,000 kWh annually.

The solar panels that have been installed on the roof are defined as by bi-facial, photovoltaic PV panels. These specific panels are considered an innovation in the solar industry, because while they can generate power directly from the sun, they can also generate indirectly from reflected light. This improvement allows panels to produce 10 – 20% more power and helps the panels shed snow faster in the winter, both allowing for increased energy absorption. We can attest to this final fact, as Thysse is still drawing power daily, even in the dead of winter. All of our panels remain clear, while many other rooftops are still covered in about 10” of snow.

We now have a live feed of our daily production and usage over at Solar Edge, and will soon have a direct feed on our site’s (currently-under-construction) sustainability page!

Let’s break down some of that unfamiliar terminology. In the most basic setup, solar panels are installed on a rack system on the roof to have greatest sun exposure potential, and this physical setup is combined with an inverter system to generate electricity for a facility. Depending on the amount of power generated, these panels can offset some or all of the necessary electricity consumption for the building, reducing the reliance on the city grid. During peak sun exposure and production for our facility, we’re covering about half of our energy needs with power drawn from our solar panels. In periods of lower energy usage, our panels are producing more energy than we’re consuming! During periods of non-activity/power usage, like weekends and holidays, our excess power goes back to the city’s grid.

If that sounds like an impressive setup, it is! Put into concrete numbers: our current facility is triple the size of our previous building, the Netherwood location, and uses roughly the same amount of electricity. That’s already cause for celebration, however, the specific solar panel set up at Thysse will produce the clean energy equivalent of planting over 6,500 trees.

That means we’re sequestering over half a million pounds of CO2 every year!

As Thysse has grown, we’ve continued to evolve our machinery and processes to be more efficient and sustainable both for the environment and for the longevity of the business. The panels are a critical step toward offsetting our emissions footprint and producing our own clean power continue the Thysse legacy of innovation and focus on our people.

Thysse Unveils New Campus and New Capabilities.

New Address, Same Thysse Culture.

Monday, July 27 marked the next chapter in the Thysse legacy. The company opened the doors on its new headquarters, a 95,500 square-foot building in Oregon, WI. The new campus, situated just a stone’s throw from the previous Netherwood location, is the third expansion in seven years to support Thysse’s enhanced services and growing lines of business.

The building itself is as functional as it is visually impressive; featuring 2 glass lined stories and triple the production space. The new location brings together a full in-house design suite for Thysse’s Experiential Graphic Design team, moves all production, specialty graphics, and fulfillment services to a single site, creating greater efficiencies for Thysse’s customers, and enhances the close team culture for its employees. For President Jason Thysse, this is the real measure of success,

“Since my grandfather started Thysse in 1941, this company has always been about the people. We designed the new campus with both client and employee needs in mind, and the result we’ve realized with the team of Thysse architects, designers, and assistance from OPN Architects is a dream come true. We are very excited for this next chapter in Thysse’s story!”

Fleet of Thysse delivery trucks at new campus

Director of Operations, Nick Brevik knows that the new campus will start showing a return on investment almost immediately,

“The move to a larger space that can house all our services in one location minimizes our logistical inefficiencies. We’ll be able to reduce travel time, particularly in fulfillment, and we’re able to increase our service offerings, adding on foil stamping and embossing capabilities starting in August. The bigger production space allowed us to bring in a larger format and faster press, as well as the prepress workflow to support it, effectively doubling our offset printing rate. The move also increased fulfillment storage by 30%. Thysse has always looked for the best way to meet our customers’ current needs, while simultaneously planning for their future; this move is a continuation on that promise.”  

Thysse’s new address, as of July 27th, is 780 Cusick Parkway, Oregon, WI 53575.

Production space in Thysse's new campus

Although the building was completed for Thysse, it wasn’t done alone. The project had many partners involved including: The Village of Oregon, Oregon Community Bank, Wisconsin Business Development, OPN Architects, Newcomb Construction, and Thysse’s very own Experiential Design Team. Thank you for your support and assistance along this journey!

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For more information, contact Jen Braga, Thysse, at 608.249.6951.

No Handshakes? No Problem.

Handshakes are so… last year. 

Historically, the act of shaking another person’s hand is a greeting known to spread peace, friendliness and overall goodwill. Unfortunately, the handshake is also a great way to spread germs. In the midst of a highly contagious virus outbreak, avoiding physical contact with others is more important than ever. Fortunately for you, Team Thysse has created a list of nine handshake alternatives to use the next time you’re in need of a touch-free greeting. 

1. The Nod

Cool people have already been doing this for years. You may want to practice this one in the mirror a few times to perfect the momentum of the upswing. Bonus points if you say “sup” while doing it.

Gif of man doing the nod
VIA Giphy

2. The Vulcan Salute

Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, you’re probably familiar with this greeting. It means “live long and prosper,” which is quite fitting for these uncertain times.

Spock from Star Trek doing the Vulcan Salute

3. Air Five

Also sometimes known as the Jim and Pam high five. No germs involved.

Gif of Jim and Pam from The Office doing an air high five
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4. Namaste

A subtle bow with palms pressed together. It simply means “I bow to you.” If Khloe can do it, so can you.

Gif of Kourtney Kardashian doing a namaste bow
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5. The Fake Shake

Go in for the classic handshake, then “SIKE!” We advise not to use this one during a job interview.

Gif of man doing a fake handshake
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6. Blow a Kiss

Real kisses are definitely off limits during a pandemic, but fake kisses can be just as sweet. We also do not recommend using this one during an interview.

Gif of Ham from The Sandlot blowing a kiss
VIA Giphy

7. Air Hug

An air hug is a simple and effective way to show affection without touching. Non-huggers rejoice.

Two women air hugging from a distance
VIA Getty

8. Point and Wink

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Something about the added hand gesture makes it so much better than just your average wink.

Gif of a man doing the point and wink
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And last but not least…

9. Finger Guns

You heard it here first. Coronavirus made finger guns cool.

Gif of Wheeler from Red Oaks doing finger guns
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All jokes aside, stay safe out there.

Quarantine 2020: What to Watch Next

It’s safe to say we could all probably use a good show to binge right now. We asked our team, “If you could only watch one thing during quarantine, what would it be?” The responses did not disappoint. Well, most of them didn’t… Take a look at what Team Thysse is watching and start adding to your queue. 

1. Ozark (Netflix)

This was our most popular response. A must watch.

Ozark gif
VIA Giphy

2. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

Arguably the best sitcom ever created.  

Schitt's Creek gif
VIA Giphy

3. The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

It’s not actually a morning news show. 

The Morning Show
VIA Good Housekeeping

4. The Office (Netflix)

A classic. 

The Office gif
VIA Giphy

5. Killing Eve (Hulu)

The description has the words “spy” and “assassin” in it. 

Killing Eve

6. Homeland (Hulu, Showtime)

An edge-of-your-seat thriller.


7. Rick and Morty (Hulu)

An animated series about a mad scientist and his grandson.  

Rick and Morty gif
VIA Giphy

8. The Food Network (The Food Network)

Literally anything on the Food Network. You can’t go wrong. 

The Food Network gif
VIA Giphy

9. Impractical Jokers (TruTV)

Four best friends embarrass each other through a series of outrageous dares.

Impractical Jokers gif
VIA Giphy

10. Doctor Who (BBC America)

Aliens, planets, and time travel, oh my!

Doctor Who
VIA Mental Floss

11. CSI (Hulu)

There are 337 episodes. Good luck. 

VIA The Atlantic

12. Investigation Discovery (Investigation Discovery)

Get your true crime fix.

Investigation Discovery

13. The Ranch (Netflix)

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are back at it.

The Ranch gif
VIA Giphy

14. Barnaby Jones (You might have to find VHS tapes for this one)

A silver-topped sleuth comes out of retirement to solve his son’s murder. 

Barnaby Jones
VIA Nostalgia Central

15. The Hallmark Channel

No comment.

Hallmark Channel Dolly Parton gif
VIA Giphy