Introducing Mail+ : Thysse’s Latest Innovation in Direct Mail Marketing

Digital Advertising & Improved tracking for Direct Mail is here.

What is cloud-based digital marketing, and how does it boost the impact of your direct mail campaigns?

What if you could significantly increase the number of touchpoints on a single direct mail piece and improve its reach (per recipient) across multiple, integrated channels without lifting a finger? How is that even possible?

Picture this:

 A soon-to-be recipient of your postcard first catches a glimpse of your company’s ad while perusing Facebook (1). While enjoying their morning coffee, they see it again at the top of their daily Informed Delivery email (2). Perhaps they (3) click the interactive link and engage with your website before heading down the driveway.

Your recipient snags the postcard from the mailbox and gives it a once-over (4). Intrigued by the 20% off promo, they send a text with the SMS trigger printed on your piece (5). They receive a link to a landing page and coupon in an automated response; their contact info and website behavior logged. 

Before making the trek to your store, they decide to call your business to verify product availability (6). Any calls placed using the phone number printed on your mail piece are automatically logged and recorded.  

Your recipient gets pulled away on a business trip. Your postcard is slowly covered by a stack of dirty dishes. During that sad, spaghetti-sauce-laden stint, Google ads swoop in to save the day by reminding the recipient of your brand’s greatness (7).

What’s fueling these synchronized touchpoints? It’s called Mail+ and it’s Thysse’s latest technology in direct mail. It enhances the already significantly-higher response rates of direct mail, and combines it with the superb trackability of digital mail. But before we delve into the secrets behind how this cloud-based digital marketing platform works, let’s lay down the bottom line: What the heck is it? 

Mail+ is a marketing program that’s designed to track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns – while boosting their overall results – through multi-channel marketing with Google, Social Media and Informed Delivery.  

This is accomplished via multiple integrated features, all of which can be tracked and analyzed on a user-friendly dashboard. Here’s what each component brings to the table:


Did you know that a whopping 80% of sales are made after multiple contacts? When it comes to enhancing the results of your direct mail campaigns, repetition is everything, (EVERYTHING). The Social Media Matching feature built into Mail+ matches the contacts on your mailing list with their existing social media accounts. Your targets not only receive your mail piece, but see ads before, during, and after on their Facebook and Instagram feeds.


With the Mail+ built-in tracking feature, you can track, predict and confirm delivery down to each individual addressee, just like a package! Knowing exactly when your mail pieces will be delivered allows you to align your staff and processes perfectly to handle the influx of responses (and make sure your printer isn’t pulling a fast one!) How can Mail+ provide such accurate tracking data? A small-yet-magical barcode gets added to your mail piece which allows you to view real-time tracking data on your dashboard. 


This entirely free, consumer-facing, service offered by the USPS has already garnered over 39 million subscribers. Mail+ takes Informed Delivery one step further, by enhancing the standard greyscale ad typically placed in Informed Delivery emails with a full-color clickable ad, interactive content, and a link that drives to your website. Additionally, Mail+ allows you to track where Informed Delivery emails have been opened geographically, and the behavior of any recipients who click your ad. 


Ever wonder who is calling as a direct result of your campaign? With Mail+ every call that comes through on the unique number assigned to your mailing is automatically counted and recorded. A unique phone number gets printed on your mail piece, which gets linked directly to your business line. No line changes are required on your end – simply answer the phone as normal, while Mail+ software collects contact info from callers. Additionally, you can listen back to recordings of calls that came in as a direct result of your campaign to ensure your processes are running smoothly. 


“Text ‘SAUCY’ to 608-555-1234 for a direct link to our pizza menu!” Is a message you might see on a mail piece enhanced with Mail+ Text Tracking. This feature is meant to increase engagement with your mail piece while driving more traffic to your website. When a recipient sends a text using the keyword, the Mail+ dashboard sends an automated response with a short message, and a link to your preferred web page. The prospect’s name, address and contact info is collected, which can then be added to your internal database. 


Here’s where that ever-important repetition, those extra few ‘pokes’ with your messaging, starts to pull some serious sway for your mail campaigns. Online Follow-up allows visitors to your website who leave without taking any action to be retargeted on Social Media, the Google Display Network, even on competitors websites. Ads are placed in front of your prospects as they peruse the web and scroll their social feeds, garnering more impressions and more sales. 


Imagine if you could tap the huge pool of anonymous prospects who visit your website who leave before taking action. LEADMatch is a particularly standout component of Mail+ because it can identify website visitors from your direct mail campaign, as well as unique visitors to your website. That means you can get the postal addresses of visitors who did not receive your mailing and retarget them. Think of LEADMatch as your ticket to building the perfect, optimized mail list.  

We understand that investing in marketing for your business can feel like more of a giant leap than a step. We also know you need to have the utmost confidence that your investment will be returned. Combining strategic, repetitive messaging with digital advertising not only enhances your direct mail campaigns, but provides real, tangible evidence that it’s working. 

While we love taking things a step further and explaining the ‘how’ behind everything we do – the great news is that you don’t have to do any of the leg work yourself! Thysse has a full team of experts ready to facilitate your Mail+ digital marketing campaign from start to finish. Intrigued? Give us a shout! Just bring your goals, a link to your website, and let Thysse handle the rest.