January Spotlight on Promotional Products at Thysse

Promo mug

Our scope of promotional product offerings to are built to suit your needs. Whether you need 1 piece or 10,000, Thysse can handle it!

Sounds nice, but just what the heck is a promotional product?

Glad you asked, and we’re here to help! At Thysse, we see promotional products as more than just slapping a logo on a shirt; promotional products are truly a way to bring your brand anywhere. You could choose to imprint with the company logo, slogan, advertise a particular event, or choose a design that’s brand new! The main benefit of using promotional products, is that every visible piece of branding increases awareness of your company.

Those T-shirts, blankets, backpacks, laptop sleeves, even UV sanitizers for your phone, all add up to powerful marketing tools when used effectively. These pieces allow your brand to connect with consumers by bringing your company values and tenets to tangible experiences. Again, the key here is to translate this message properly so that increased awareness also means improved brand perception.

After all,

“Brand perception is what customers believe a product or service represents, not what the company owning the brand says it does.”

Qualtrics, 2020. Brand perception: Everything you need to know

Consider how your brand will be perceived if the company pens don’t work. Or if the color match on your apparel is off from the products sold in your store. At best, you’ve wasted funds on these marketing tools because they will be discarded. At worst, these are subtle indicators of quality and value your brand provides, and they’re not favorable.

Think we’re just pulling your leg? Research shows that promotional products DO WORK.

Promo product recipients have increased unaided awareness of the brand, meaning they can recall the name of the company who advertised on the product (up to 88% recall rate).

Consumers will also hold onto them so long as they’re useful and unique (up to 80% of recipients have at least 1 promotional product in their homes).

So before you jump to ordering that next set of company reusable bags or new stash of pens, consider items that are most beneficial to your consumer base. Need some help in sourcing or brainstorming ideas? Thysse has you covered. We’ve built custom cooking kits, themed promotional apparel bundles from multiple suppliers, created one-of-a-kind artwork and die-cuts for company ornaments and much more.

The bottom line in promotional products is to create a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Thysse has a team dedicated to finding the right solutions to exemplify your brand for consumers and employees alike.

Drop us a note on our contact form to learn more!

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