No Handshakes? No Problem.

Handshakes are so… last year. 

Historically, the act of shaking another person’s hand is a greeting known to spread peace, friendliness and overall goodwill. Unfortunately, the handshake is also a great way to spread germs. In the midst of a highly contagious virus outbreak, avoiding physical contact with others is more important than ever. Fortunately for you, Team Thysse has created a list of nine handshake alternatives to use the next time you’re in need of a touch-free greeting. 

1. The Nod

Cool people have already been doing this for years. You may want to practice this one in the mirror a few times to perfect the momentum of the upswing. Bonus points if you say “sup” while doing it.

Gif of man doing the nod
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2. The Vulcan Salute

Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, you’re probably familiar with this greeting. It means “live long and prosper,” which is quite fitting for these uncertain times.

Spock from Star Trek doing the Vulcan Salute

3. Air Five

Also sometimes known as the Jim and Pam high five. No germs involved.

Gif of Jim and Pam from The Office doing an air high five
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4. Namaste

A subtle bow with palms pressed together. It simply means “I bow to you.” If Khloe can do it, so can you.

Gif of Kourtney Kardashian doing a namaste bow
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5. The Fake Shake

Go in for the classic handshake, then “SIKE!” We advise not to use this one during a job interview.

Gif of man doing a fake handshake
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6. Blow a Kiss

Real kisses are definitely off limits during a pandemic, but fake kisses can be just as sweet. We also do not recommend using this one during an interview.

Gif of Ham from The Sandlot blowing a kiss
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7. Air Hug

An air hug is a simple and effective way to show affection without touching. Non-huggers rejoice.

Two women air hugging from a distance
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8. Point and Wink

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Something about the added hand gesture makes it so much better than just your average wink.

Gif of a man doing the point and wink
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And last but not least…

9. Finger Guns

You heard it here first. Coronavirus made finger guns cool.

Gif of Wheeler from Red Oaks doing finger guns
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All jokes aside, stay safe out there.