Oregon, Wisconsin

Thysse worked with the Headquarters Sports Bar & Restaurant to create a unique take on the sports bar experience.

Getting involved during the framing stage of construction, Thysse was able to work within the planned architecture and designed an experience that would bring new patrons in the door and keep them coming back.

The local youth sports community was of importance to the owner, so Thysse created an Oregon Youth Sports Wall where all athletic programs are highlighted and young athletes are encouraged to autograph ceiling tiles. When full of autographs, these ceiling tiles are then placed in the ceiling grid and will eventually completely cover the entry and dining area of the facility.

Wisconsin sports heroes are featured in the bar area, with hundreds of names covering custom-designed wall murals. Beer selections are listed on a life-size scoreboard. The bar and grill identity, also designed by Thysse, is painted onto reclaimed local barn wood planks and dimensional aluminum letters are highlighted with LED lighting. The look is then reflected in the exterior signage.

Here’s what we designed, fabricated and installed:

Wall Murals
, Painted Aluminum
, CNC-routed MDF, 
Dimensional Acrylic
, Direct-printed Acrylic
, Direct-printed Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
, Vinyl, 
Hand Painted Reclaimed Barn Wood, 
LED-lit Signage