San José, California

As San José State University’s Student Union, Inc. neared completion on their several-year Student Union construction and renovation project, they began a national search for the team that would provide the facility branding, experiential graphic design, wayfinding and donor recognition. They found Thysse.

We began by branding the SJSU Student Union building, incorporating architectural details unique to the building and embraced fonts and iconography designed by SJSU Art School faculty. We identified wayfinding needs and donor recognition opportunities. We developed a graphic element palette and identified important spaces in the building that would impact the visitor experience. And we developed an overall project schedule and plan to hit the ground running using a combination of Wisconsin and San José fabricators and our national install crew.

Thysse worked for almost two years to produce and install items as sections of the new Student Union were completed and opened to the public. We successfully created a space that has become part of the SJSU student experience and our initial project has developed into a several-year multi-project relationship with San José State University.

Here’s what we designed, fabricated and installed:

Custom Wallpaper, Custom Wood Millwork, Hand Painted and Formed Aluminum, Dimensional Acrylic, Direct-Printed Acrylic, Vinyl, LED Lighting, Printed Fabric Panels, Acoustic Fabric Panels, Interior and Exterior, Signage, Wayfinding, ADA and Room Signage