Quarantine 2020: What to Watch Next

It’s safe to say we could all probably use a good show to binge right now. We asked our team, “If you could only watch one thing during quarantine, what would it be?” The responses did not disappoint. Well, most of them didn’t… Take a look at what Team Thysse is watching and start adding to your queue. 

1. Ozark (Netflix)

This was our most popular response. A must watch.

Ozark gif
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2. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

Arguably the best sitcom ever created.  

Schitt's Creek gif
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3. The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

It’s not actually a morning news show. 

The Morning Show
VIA Good Housekeeping

4. The Office (Netflix)

A classic. 

The Office gif
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5. Killing Eve (Hulu)

The description has the words “spy” and “assassin” in it. 

Killing Eve

6. Homeland (Hulu, Showtime)

An edge-of-your-seat thriller.


7. Rick and Morty (Hulu)

An animated series about a mad scientist and his grandson.  

Rick and Morty gif
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8. The Food Network (The Food Network)

Literally anything on the Food Network. You can’t go wrong. 

The Food Network gif
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9. Impractical Jokers (TruTV)

Four best friends embarrass each other through a series of outrageous dares.

Impractical Jokers gif
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10. Doctor Who (BBC America)

Aliens, planets, and time travel, oh my!

Doctor Who
VIA Mental Floss

11. CSI (Hulu)

There are 337 episodes. Good luck. 

VIA The Atlantic

12. Investigation Discovery (Investigation Discovery)

Get your true crime fix.

Investigation Discovery

13. The Ranch (Netflix)

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are back at it.

The Ranch gif
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14. Barnaby Jones (You might have to find VHS tapes for this one)

A silver-topped sleuth comes out of retirement to solve his son’s murder. 

Barnaby Jones
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15. The Hallmark Channel

No comment.

Hallmark Channel Dolly Parton gif
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