Thysse Partners with Arch Electric for Solar Roof Install

Innovation Meets Sustainability as Thysse Expands Renewables

[Oregon, WI] – Thysse, a 3rd generation and family-owned Oregon business, is best known for generating innovative brand solutions while serving the local community. The company completed a move to a new campus in the Oregon Business Park in July, increasing services and capacity to better serve clients and prepare for the future. That future also includes an eye toward sustainability and renewable energy. Thysse began working with Legacy Solar Cooperative last year to find a way to replace as much as half of their conventional electricity with clean power. After being awarded a USDA Rural Energy for America Program grant, the company partnered with co-op member Arch Electric – headquartered in Plymouth with service across much of the state – to install bi-facial panels. 

“Thysse is always looking for ways to innovate in our business. We’re already using the most energy-efficient printing technology, so it was natural to look to more sustainable measures for the new building as well,” said Jason Thysse, company president. “We’re proud to take this step toward offsetting our emissions footprint and produce our own clean power.” 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Thysse and help realize their goal of adopting clean energy to power its operations,” said Arch Electric President Ed Zinthefer. “Arch is committed to continue investing in our state and delivering a quality product as we expand renewable energy in Wisconsin. Our thanks to Thysse and Legacy Solar Cooperative for making this project happen.”

Thysse’s rooftop will house a solar array of 850 bi-facial, photo-voltaic ‘pv’ panels. The system is expected to produce approximately 350,000 kW hours annually, sequestering more than half a million pounds of CO2 every year, the equivalent of planting over 6,500 trees.  Bi-facial panels represent a recent development in the solar industry, generating power both directly from the sun and indirectly from reflected light. With this refinement, panels produce 10-20 percent more power and shed snow faster in the winter.

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About Arch Electric
Arch Electric, Inc. – recently named a 2020 Top Solar Contractor – is a Sheboygan County, Wisconsin-based electrical contractor specializing in solar and related fields such as energy storage systems, EV charging, utility solar, residential and commercial/industrial solar and storage, along with operations and maintenance services. Today, Arch is considered the largest vertical provider of solar in Wisconsin. Its mission is to educate, inspire, and empower current and future generations to choose a clean, sustainable form of energy.

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About Legacy Solar Cooperative
Legacy Solar Co-op is a Wisconsin-based, member-owned cooperative providing solar and energy efficiency products and services. Our goal is to bring people together to support local and statewide solar and other clean energy initiatives. We believe that the future of our planet depends on taking action now. The “Legacy” in Legacy Solar Co-op refers to the endurance of the solar projects we support, which will last for 4 decades or more. It’s also a reference to the collective contribution we make toward a clean, renewable energy supply for our communities.