How Thysse Generates Real Results Using Direct Mail

Case Study: Thysse and UBS

Friends, maybe it’s time we looked at your direct mail. Sure, it’s easy to send out a postcard, but carefully crafting a message that identifies your brand strategy and meets your marketing goals while reaching your desired audience is another thing. That’s where Thysse comes in. Our team of experts has the know-how needed to guide you through every step of the process. Our case study below shows how Thysse and UBS partnered to create a direct mail campaign that performed.

The Client

UBS is a global wealth management firm and has been a Thysse client for about 18 months. UBS provides financial advice and solutions to private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide. The Burish Group is a large team within UBS that provides holistic wealth management services, helping clients reach their long-term goals with customized financial advice.

The Challenge

After an 8-year hiatus from direct mail campaigns, The Burish Group was ready to roll out a new marketing mailer. They came to Thysse with three goals:

  • The mailer had to stand out from competitors.
  • It had to meet ROI goals.
  • All 17,000 mailers needed to be customizable for six different regions in Wisconsin and Illinois without errors.

Carson Goff, Team Marketing Manager at The Burish Group, says her team had an idea what they wanted to say with the mailer, but knew they needed more than just printing services to successfully implement such a large-scale campaign.

The Solution

To make this mailer campaign a success, we focused on two priorities:

  • COLLABORATION with The Burish Group.
  • STRATEGIES to improve ROI.


We began by getting to know The Burish Group brand and the unique way the firm works with clients to understand their entire financial life. We knew that print consulting had to happen from the get-go, so we presented them with a wide variety of mailer options to help them understand what was possible. We needed to gather valuable input from them, bring their big idea down to earth and start building it up with specific decisions on what to include in the mailer.

“It was a true collaboration. Thysse came to us with really cool ideas. I explained our brand. And together, we developed a small but sophisticated envelope folder with removable pieces. The mailer was innovative, yet it also met our brand guidelines,” says Carson.

Strategies to improve ROI

Being a financial services firm, The Burish Group was taking ROI seriously. Thysse implemented several strategies to keep them on track with their goal. We began by introducing A/B testing with the mailers. How would shorter pieces fare in comparison to longer ones? We also made sure every single piece of the mailer showcased something valuable about The Burish Group – even the envelope. Our team also created a realistic timeline with built-in leeway to ensure all mailers arrived on time.

Lastly, Thysse took on all of the fulfillment tasks involved with the mailer. With our in-house fulfillment center and assembly area, we were able to complete all of the shipping and handling responsibilities, allowing Carson and her team to focus on their other marketing efforts.

“Each mailer had three pieces to be placed within a sleeve and then that sleeve went into an envelope,” explains Carson. “Thysse’s fulfillment support solved a huge challenge for us. For them to keep six different versions straight and handle all 17,000 mailers without error was a really big deal,” says Carson.

The Results

The Burish Group set a goal for mailer responses and achieved it.

“We hit our response goal, which as a marketing manager is success for me. But if an advisor gets a meeting and closes, we’ve essentially paid for a mailing. We’ve had a lot of success with meetings. And we certainly get calls weekly based on the mailer.”

Stepping back and considering the bigger project picture, Carson says, “The level of efficiency exceeded our expectations. Thysse streamlined the process from start to finish and made our lives a lot easier—period. Without their help, I don’t think we would have had the successful mailing campaign we did.”

Today, The Burish Group and Thysse continue to team together. “Thysse is helping us incorporate more sustainable, recycled materials for the future. We’re executing three more mailing campaigns for the year. And with Thysse’s help, we’re looking forward to improving upon what we did the last time around.”

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Beth Hamacher is an Account Executive at Thysse. She brings over four years of sales experience to her goal of delivering exceptional branded communications to her clients. Reach out to Beth at (608) 249-6951 or