Thysse Adds Capacity & Capabilities To Oregon, WI, Print Operations

Over the past couple decades there have been numerous consumer packaging innovations but if you ask Johnie Thysse, it’s still hard to beat the sombrero hole. Johnie is the fourth generation in the Thysse family to ply his craftsmanship in the rapidly evolving print industry.

The packaging line at Thysse has grown substantially over the past 12 years. Johnie has seen it go from literally hammering out sombrero holes to processes that perfectly punch thousands per minute.  …And from one customer to some of the biggest brands in the country.

We cornered Jason Thysse, CEO and Johnie’s dad, to reflect on the images:

Jason Thysse

That’s how our packaging line started. …Two buildings ago. It’s how many of our service lines started- small. Our growth is a testament to the team here. It’s really their skill, hard work, and dedication that made our growth possible. When you do that consistently, word spreads. We’re really doing the same thing we’ve always done, it’s just at a different scale now. 

The nostalgic look back is a great reminder that prioritizing exceptional outcomes from humble beginnings is a time-tested way to grow a business. In fact, Thysse is currently in mid-process on a multi-million-dollar tooling and capabilities investment aimed at meeting the rising demand for the type of service and quality it delivers.

Thysse Director of Operations, Tony Smithson, is managing the project and shared his insights on the growth:

It’s easy to slip into a mindset that commoditizes what we do in the print and brand services industries. It’s not hard to have a great day, come up with a great design element or have a clean production run. It IS hard to do that every time. It takes a lot of dedicated experts spanning many disciplines to resolve issues before they become problems. I doubt we’re ever the lowest bid, but our customer retention rate and growth indicate we’re often the highest value.

Thysse is a commercial printing and brand services provider located 20 minutes south of Madison in Oregon, WI. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and take a tour! Or, reach out! We’d love to discuss solutions to your next project!