Introducing Thysse Bundles: A promotional offering with your brand at the center.

Let’s face it, sometimes the idea of sourcing branded items for your team or customers is easier said than executed. There’s an internet-load of options to choose from, shipping times, personalization options, and deciphering what each vendor means by “imprint.” It’s great to have a promotional products specialist to guide you along the decision-making process, but sometimes even that can be daunting.

Our promo team always works to make that process as smooth as possible. They weed out the poor-quality items, clearly lay out shipping costs, production times, and benefits of volume pricing. But this year, we wanted to take our efforts a step further to better meet changing needs of remote work and recognition.

Thus, Thysse Bundles was born.

Our first set of bundles includes a health/wellness component, a technology component, and opportunities for multiple imprint styles for brand exposure and flexibility.

We know that a single quality piece is memorable, but an entire gifting experience is unmatched. We also understand that these conversations typically start with a budget and roll from there. Our team of promo experts have created a series of branded items thoughtfully paired with price, quality, and maximum impact in mind. These are then hand-packaged, addressed, and shipped from our facility to your recipient’s front door. What could be easier?

Intrigued yet? Love the bundle, gift wrapping, and shipping but looking for a custom gift to suit your needs? No sweat, we can easily bundle a unique solution for your team too.

Drop Tina a line at to learn more and talk specifics.