Welcome to Thysse’s 80th anniversary celebration!

Thysse started in a garage. A literal garage in 1941. In 8 decades, we’ve moved a little, evolved your brands along with ours, and kept the same lil-old-print-shop Thysse spirit while growing into the best-in-class company we are today. To mark our migration into octogenarian status, we wanted to have an epic celebration. But as you know, parties are so last year. Well actually, so 2019. So we’re throwing a year-long party instead.

This month, we’re celebrating our love of all things branded with a spotlight on our promotional products. Our in-house expert, Tina, may make a few surprise appearances, and you know the giveaway will be top notch! The giveaway will be live from noon on January 27 through noon on January 29, and you’ll be able to enter at thysse.com/KazooTroupe

Until then, stay tuned to our social channels to see what weird and wild holiday is next!