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Thysse can design your campaign, print your project and mail your piece. We do the work, you take the credit … and look really good doing it.

Your friendly U.S. Mail experts at Thysse are tracking several important events:

  1. The USPS postage rate increase happened on July 9th and #TeamThysse has created a handy “CliffsNotes” version of it for you! You can access it here!

  2. On August 1, 2023, the USPS raised contact address standards and costs associated with poor address quality. (This effort is intended to reduce their multi-billion dollar cost associated with poor address quality.)

    For a summary of recommendations related to address standards changes, click: USPS DM Address Standards Change FAQ

Thysse’s mail experts are developing solutions to mitigate the impact of the standards change and will provide updates on both topics here and directly to users of our mail services.

Where can we push the envelope for you?

Regulations, paperwork, procedures—we love this stuff!

There’s so much to get right when doing direct mail and specialty mailings. But when done effectively, wow, the results are so worth the effort. So why not let the direct mail pros at Thysse help? Saving you time and money is just the beginning.


    We deal with this on a daily basis. Our direct mail experts bring decades of experience working with the post office rules and regulations. We get it — so there’s no need for you to worry. You’re welcome to use our postal indicia to help you save money, or we can use yours.

    Utilizing the latest mailing software and tools, we can help make sure your direct mail list updates available addresses, certifies and gets to the post office. All updates to your list will be returned allowing you to update your own database.


    Variable data printing allows you to imprint using attention-grabbing information specific to your direct mail recipient. Instead of a generic “Dear Customer,” it allows you to connect more personally with your customers. They, in turn, are more likely to see and respond to your message if the materials are personalized to their interests.

    Commonly, these direct mail pieces are personalized with a name, donation amounts, credit amounts or other personal message. You can count on the Thysse variable data printing team to answer any questions on how you can make your mailings more personal and effective.


    We know how to offer you options. Standard, First-Class or Nonprofit rates — we’ll help you determine which is best for your needs and budget. With proper automation, your direct mail piece will process faster through the USPS for less money.


    We can help you define prospects by a variety of demographics. Distance from your business, incomes, homeowners, gender, or age of occupant, we can find it all. Just ask us how we can help you to reach the prospects you need to grow your business.

  • USPS Tools & Assistance

    Don’t understand the opportunities with Every Door Direct Mailings (EDDM) or Informed Delivery? Don’t worry — we take care of it all. From address identification to printing your finished piece; we even deliver to the post office for you. We run pre-campaign saturation reports to give your Informed Delivery campaigns context and show trends over time. Samples, postage receipts, list updates, and post-campaign detailed summaries will all come to you after your project is mailed.


    Taking advantage of our complete “one-stop” shop means your printing project will be produced efficiently — allowing us to get your direct mail project mailed faster to meet your “in-hand” delivery date.


    Postal service, postal rates, proper addressing and preparation, First-Class, Standard, Nonprofit mailing procedures…we know this stuff and we deal with it on a daily basis. We get your printed items where they need to go…hassle free and worry free.

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