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Your Facility Should be Working as Hard as You …

From brand-matched paint and kicked-up lighting to driving the architectural design of the space, Facility Branding can be many things. It takes experience, innovative thought and exceptional design to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations. That’s where we come in.



Facility branding, done well, adds value. Real, tangible value. It boosts productivity, recruitment, sales, donations and foot traffic. There’s intangible value too. Branded spaces can increase professionalism, respect, pride and increase morale- they can even raise the little hairs on the back of your neck.

The uniquely qualified and equipped team at Thysse shines by delivering stunning results that effortlessly blend creative, technical and executional talent. We’ll get your space speaking in your voice, buzzing like you buzz and imparting the feels you want it to.


    We make no secret of the fact that Thysse is working hard to take our work environment and culture from “excellent” to “best”. It’s a leadership priority that attracts the finest designers, architects, project managers, writers, makers and doers here. Great news: Our team can be your team, too!


    We are Where you go with your brand™, and we understand the beating heart of any successful enterprise is its coffee machine. And brand. Our approach is to listen carefully, collaborate thoughtfully and consistently deliver outstanding results.


    We take great pride in your outcomes because they’re our outcomes, too. Beyond the end result, we also work relentlessly to find the most efficient paths there. Continuously investing in new tools and methods keeps Thysse on the leading edge of what is possible.


    Big, small, rigid, flexible, – even animated, we design everything and fabricate most elements here. The added control and efficiency benefits of vertically aligning creative, production and installation are so much better than…not.


    It’s a giant leap from the computer screen to real spaces.  But, it’s a leap Thysse and our clients successfully make– every time.  Don’t take our word for it!  Look at some of our work and see for yourself!

Let’s talk about your project!

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