We’re a full-service brand experience provider.

But we haven’t always been one. Our story starts back in a garage on Madison’s east side…

Our Capabilities Go Far Beyond the Printed Page.

We specialize in creating spaces that inspire, motivate and narrate through exceptional design. On the production side, we can fabricate anything you can dream up. Go ahead and try to stump us! From a creative perspective, we go beyond the printed page to delve into environmental design, organization branding and identity development, master planning, concept design, technical design, 3D rendering, fabrication, and installation.

We believe success is in the execution, not the size of the project.

That dedication to finding the best solution for our clients didn’t spring up out of thin air. Thysse was started in 1941 by John Thysse and began as an offset printer in Madison, WI. Over the past 80 years, our clients’ needs have evolved to include a variety of services, all aimed at providing you answers to every brand problem. Under current leadership, third-generation owner and president, Jason Thysse, the company has adapted to become a more wholistic brand experience provider and shifted operations to Oregon, WI in 2009. In July of 2020, we moved into our new campus, a 95,000 sq ft facility aimed at bringing all services and production capabilities under one roof.

Today, Thysse is grounded in innovative thought, exceptional design and the physical production of ideas. Understanding our clients needs is at the heart of our mission, to be where you go with your brand.” We know the effort it takes to build up your portfolio of operating companies, perfect your products, and keep your operations running smoothly. To spend additional resources managing multiple vendor relationships and production partners takes away from these initiatives. Thysse provides options to assist at every step in the process to our clients, offering you flexibility to decide what to keep in house and what to outsource to us. 

Truly, we aim to offer you the opportunity to work with us from fledgling idea to final delivered product, and we are proud to provide you the confidence that your project will be right, every time.

At Thysse, we believe the story your brand tells is as important as the materials it is printed on.