An Eye Toward the Future on Every Level 

Printing and production capabilities are often regarded as processes with excessive waste factors or ones with limited opportunities for renewable resource use. At Thysse, we’re combatting this myth with focuses on purposeful creation, sustainable processes and materials, and thoughtful facility planning to reduce our carbon footprint and fulfill our customers’ needs.


Would you believe us that the new facility is up to 3x more efficient than our previous location? We’ve invested in equipment with decreased energy consumption, planned our production floor to optimize routes and storage, and increased circulation to achieve this feat. To offset our footprint even further, we’ve invested in bi-focal solar panels which, at peak sunlight and production, take Thysse completely off the grid!


Thysse is ready to partner with you at any stage in your project, from design through delivery. To us, partnership means that we’re working towards solutions that best showcase your brand, and that doesn’t always mean highest production, or most unique substrate. We’ll offer you estimates with best yield for your projects, and sustainable alternatives for stock selection.


What are your goals for a sustainable project? Let’s talk through options for more sustainable materials including easily recycled and compostable substrates, shortest-distance stocks, low maintenance inventory, and LED-cured inks and coatings.


If it’s not with Thysse, it could be at a facility with higher energy usage and higher costs to you. In 2020, we relocated all services to a single warehouse, resulting in reduced energy consumption for our storage and production facilities. We’ve also invested in print-tracking software to ensure we not only know what stage your project is at, but can also indicate ways to reduce waste by reducing downtimes and material overages. 

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