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Boosting Sales with Brand Signage

Why Your Store’s Signage Should Never Be an Afterthought

Ever passed a window that made you whip a u-ie,  just to take a peek inside? Maybe you’ve snagged a bag of BOGO tortilla chips, ever-so thoughtfully placed in a display next to your usual salsa? Chances are, it’s happened more than once. 

From alluring window displays to the tiniest of shelf talkers, few elements deliver more impact for a brick-and-mortar locale than in-store signage. In a consumer study conducted by Brigham Young University, products with signs outsold products without signs by 18%. 

Think of it this way: Signage presents an opportunity to influence consumer behavior at the very moment it matters most – at the time of purchase. And with retail traffic up 44% since the beginning of 2021 (Forbes), it’s prime time to consider how you’re communicating with customers in store.


What would Starbucks be without the iconic green mermaid? What would McDonalds be without the infamous, golden arch? These businesses are prime examples of how signage can work with key brand assets to build recognizable spaces, displays and products. Even when the logo appears on a sign without the business name, we still know precisely which brand it refers to. 

Incorporating custom signage that serves as an extension of your brand (through consistent use of color, fonts, and imagery) builds brand awareness. The more recognizable your brand is, the more it stands out amongst competitors, and the higher the likelihood it stays top of mind at purchase time.

According to Neilson’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, almost 6 out of every 10 people surveyed said that they prefer to buy new products from brands that they already know and are familiar with. In fact, consumers in both North America and Latin America stated that brand recognition was the second biggest reason why they would purchase a new product; the first reason being the price.

MADE YOU LOOK! | Signage Attracts Attention

Signage presents an opportunity to tell your brand’s story on a physical, interactive level. Effective signage creates an experience for your customer, rather than just another ho-hum trip to the store. Incorporating themes that highlight your company’s history, mission or values elevates consumer engagement and makes their visit a more memorable experience.

Consistent, professional-looking signage also functions to build trust with the consumer, as the perceived quality of your signage sends a distinct message about the quality of the business itself. According to FedEx, 68% of customers believe that signage reflects the quality of a business and their products. For instance, if you encountered a sign for a furniture store that appeared dingy and outdated, you might also assume that the furniture on the sales floor would be dirty and have a faint smell of last night’s fish dinner. 

Additionally, enticing outdoor signage and window graphics can have a significant impact on the way a storefront performs. Nearly 76% of customers said they entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs (FedEx). 

“PLEASE STAY 6 FEET APART” | Signage Informs

What would happen if you walked into a giant, sign-less grocery store? Perhaps you’d wander aimlessly through four different snack isles before finding the gluten free crackers. Maybe you’d scour the shelves in three different canned food isles before finding your jar of pickles! As benign as this scenario seems, a similar one involving an emergency hospital setting is, well, a lot less fun to imagine. 

In addition to boosting visual interest and brand awareness, signage also serves the critical function of informing and educating visitors. It aids in navigation and organization, something referred to as wayfinding signage. It educates customers on unique product features and highlights sales and promotions – all of which have been proven to significantly boost sales and basket size.

In-store display signage highlighting a specific product feature benefit. Image credit: Pinterest, REI164VM

Finally,  if there were to be, say, a global pandemic, signage could serve to communicate important safety protocols. Throughout 2020-21, many facilities utilized signage like directional wall and floor graphics to manage the flow of foot traffic. This helped to maintain safe distances between visitors, ultimately allowing stores to stay open and operational.

BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! | Signage Persuades

Here’s a thought-provoking statistic: When customers arrive at a store, they often lack specific purchasing goals – 82% to be exact. Instead, they come with a very general list containing things like ‘socks’ or ‘bananas’. Shoppers then decide which specific brand of socks or bananas to purchase on the spot. 

This is where the persuasive power of Point of Purchase (POP) advertising comes in, significantly increasing impulse sales and cross-selling opportunities by targeting consumers when it matters most – purchase time! Merchandising similar items together (like chips, salsa, and guacamole ingredients) with an engaging sign is proven to increase basket size. Consider this large U.S. grocery store chain, that increased basket size by 19% – despite hurdles presented by COVID19 – by simply incorporating signage into smart displays. 

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Take this shelf talker, for example, highlighting the wholesome values of a well-known food brand. A simple, informative sign attached to the shelf below a product can attract enough interest to drive a customer to put this product into their cart over other gajillion similar brands next to it. 

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK | Signage is Efficient

At Thysse, we like to think of store signage and facility branding as ‘set it and let it’ marketing. Intentional long term signage can provide advertising for years on end without requiring much maintenance. Hence over time, signage requires less of an investment than other forms of paid media, yet still has a lasting impact on sales. 

Signage can be fabricated using materials that withstand everything from searing sun to polar vortexes. It can be built to last for days, to be changed seasonally with every store reset, or years. It can be installed in a near infinite number of ways, from vinyl floor decals to elaborate wall mounts and ceiling hangers.    

Printers now have access to more green signage solutions than ever before –  substrates that are recyclable, compostable, and shortest-distance stocks allow you to keep your messaging fresh in the marketplace without having to break the bank or fill the landfill. 

Effective brand signage is both an art and a science. Understanding how to make your various pieces work in harmony – and choosing the right materials, messaging, and install methods – all play an important role in achieving your desired level of permanence and performance. 

Thysse has a dedicated team of experts, from designers and color management staff to experienced fabrication specialists and installers, who understand your brand signage serves as a direct reflection of your businesses. We also understand that getting your signage where it needs to go is half the battle, and offer streamlined kitting and shipping services to make it happen. 

Trusting Thysse with your signage offers the unique opportunity for a collaborative partnership. Have some ideas of your own? Not sure where to start? Give us a shout! Or head over to our Large Format page to explore more on your own.